Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Sumukhi telling that it appears Madhumangal became awaiting Kanha. She receives satisfied seeing her son gambling fortunately with Madhumangal. Balram asks Kanha, if he’s enjoying, trapping him there. Kanha asks him to return back. Balram joins them and play. Kanha asks Surbhi, the calf to enroll in them too. He laughs because the calf moos. Madhumangal laughs aloud and is derived to Sumukhi. Sumukhi hugs him. Kanha claps and tells Balram that their group is increased. Balram asks wherein did you go? Kanha says I went to play with the guys despatched through Mama for us. Balram says you’ve got got performed with them. Kans waits for the secret agent guys to return back and supply him the news. Asti comes there and asks him to have food. Kans asks her to go away. Asti says I made it with my hand for you. He says I am now no longer hungry approximately food, however approximately that boy’s death. Asti asks him to overlook that boy and stay his lifestyles fortunately. Kans holds her angrily and says you’re stressful for that boy and now no longer me. He asks what’s your relation with him? Asti says I am involved for you and says that boy is divine. Kans threatens to fasten her withinside the prison with vasudev and Devki and asks her to go away. Asti takes the plate and leaves. Kans calls Akroor. Akroor says I am certain that my spies will now no longer go away empty handed. Kans asks him to provide him the data.

The spies awaken and surprise wherein are they? They suppose Kans has despatched them to investigate approximately Devki’s eighth son. They inform that they shall visit Gokul. Kanha says they may be going out of Gokul, to attain there. Madhumangal laughs. Kanha says they may simply roam round and could in no way attain Kans. Kans thinks in the event that they died like…He then thinks he’s awaiting the data approximately Nand own circle of relatives, and could kill that boy together along with his hands, however when?

Nand and Yashoda thank Sumukhi. Sumukhi thank you them as Kanha made Madhu laughed. Yashoda says now we can meet again. Nand asks Balram and Kanha to greet their new buddy as they may be leaving. Madhumangal insists to go along with Kanha. Sumukhi asks him now no longer to be stubborn. Madhumangal says I will go along with Kanha, else I will now no longer allow him go. Sumukhi apologizes to Yashoda. Kanha tells Balram that they’ve to take Madhumangal to make our plan successful. He holds Madhu’s finger. Balram says it appears Kanha wishes Madhumangal to include us. Nanda says we can’t hold him farfar from his mother. Sumukhi says she can’t see tears in Madhu’s eyes and asks them to take him till Rishi Sandipani and Rishi Garg returns. Yashoda and Nand conform to take him with them. Yashoda asks if he’s going to now no longer cry with out cry. Madhu says he isn’t always a small kid, and in no way cries. Yashoda says you’ll live with us in our house. Kanha claps. Everyone laughs.

The Dasi involves Prapti and says her chariot is prepared to take her. Kans asks Prapti now no longer to go. Prapti says I actually have despatched message to my father that I am returning and don’t need to have any relation with this sort of vulnerable guy like him. Kans asks him to thoughts her language and tells that he’s going to do some thing which she can’t even suppose of. He says every person may be bowled over seeing my subsequent plan. Prapti says I will live lower back until sunrise. She is going. Kans thinks as soon as I get that boy’s data, then I will take revenge for all my insult. Asti hears him and thinks he’s creating a large plan. I shall seek a few way. She says that boy is awesome and divine, Kans’ lifestyles is in trouble.

Kanha is returning domestic withinside the bullock cart together along with his own circle of relatives and Madhu, even as Surbhi is strolling in the back of the cart. Balram makes Madhu giggle and tickles him. Kanha says we should do some thing soon. Balram says there’s nevertheless time to attain Gokul. Madhu says shall I suppose what I shall play. Balram says I will take a decision. Kanha says ok, see what I will do. He stops the cart. Yashoda asks what happened? Nand says bulls are worn-out and wishes to relaxation. Yashoda says we will relaxation too. He is going to make preparations for food. Yashoda locations the mat and asks Kanha, Balram and Madhu to sit. Kanha asks Surbhi to return back and sit. Yashoda says your group is made, I actually have understood. She says it appears you’re upto some thing and asks them now no longer to suppose as her sight is on her. Kanha says we can play as soon as Maiyya sleeps. Yashoda asks him now no longer to suppose that she can be able to sleep and reminds Kanha that his anklet will hold her alerted. Kanha waits for her to sleep. Balram says if she slept maintaining her eyes open. Yashoda closes her eyes. Kanha receives up and says we will growth our group. They silently flow from there. Balram asks him now no longer to make noise and stroll gradual like him. He asks him to obey him.

Some youngsters are gambling cover and searching for game. The boy asks different Boy Sudama to return back and play with him. The woman says I will see the way you play with out me. Kanha claps seeing them.

Episode ends

Precap: Kanha says we will play with them. Vrinder asks for Krishna’s peacock feather to play with them. Balram asks how did you watched of this. He fights with her. Kanha asks them now no longer to combat and says they should set their group in opposition to Mama shri.


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