Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Yashoda telling that Kanha is brahmand for him. The woman asks if he’ll love you the identical way, whilst grown up. Nanda involves the opposite village to ask human beings to Gokul to the fair. The Mukhiya of the opposite village asks him to live returned for tonight. Shaktasur hears them and thinks he’ll locate that boy withinside the fair. Yashoda receives frightened and receives a dream wherein she is telling the woman that Kanha will usually love her.

She receives up and thinks in which is Kanha and Balram? Balram and Kanha are going out. Balram asks if he’s in sleep or if I am in sleep. Kanha says I am taking you out for a cause and asks him to come. Kanha asks Balram to interrupt the pots. Balram breaks it. Yashoda comes out listening to the sound and sees Kanha sitting and clapping, at the same time as Balram is breaking the pots. She asks what goes on here. she asks who has damaged a majority of these pots after which sees the pot on Balram’s head. Balram asks Kanha, what to inform Maiyya now? Kanha says you get afraid plenty.

Yashoda asks did you damage the pots? Balram asks what to mention? Kanha asks him to mention that he has damaged it. Balram says then you may get scolded. Kanha says then take your name. Balram tells that he got here out to look Kanha, and discovered the pots damaged, however I stored this pot from breaking. Yashoda walks toward Kanha. Balram thinks chote could be scolded through Maiyya. Kanha begins offevolved crying. Yashoda says I can’t scold you and asks him now no longer to cry. Kanha asks Balram if he noticed his leela.

Yashoda says it isn’t my mistake, however mistake of me and Balram. Balram says you’re assisting him and asks what’s going to you inform whilst every body come the next day. Yashoda says I will in no way scold my Kanha and says every body will blame him, which I can’t bear. She asks them to sleep. Kanha tells Balram that he’ll understand the next day that he’s of Gokul’s land.

Nanda tells the Mukhiya that he’ll depart now. Shaktasur comes there indisguise of a boy and joins the boy. Sarpanch asks the lads to visit their home. The boys depart, however Shaktasur remains standing. Sarpanch asks who’s he? Nanda asks Sarpanch to deliver the boy, in order that all people can discover approximately his parents. Balram tells Kanha that he can’t prove. Kanha says he’ll prove.

Yashoda makes the pots ready. The girls ask why are you making the pots and tells that yesterday’s pots had been enough. They inform that they shall test if the pots are dried. Yashoda asks them to head and do the preparations of the fair. They say adequate and asks why are you making pots once more. Balram says you’ve got got placed maiyya in danger. Kanha asks him to look.

The woman asks in case your Kanha has finished a few mischief once more. Kanha is going to the cowshed, in which she has hidden all damaged dust pots. Rohini, Balram and Yashoda attempt to forestall him. Everyone sees the damaged pots. Yashoda says you’ve got got ruined my hardwork. The woman asks in case you became hiding this from us. Yashoda says I became approximately to inform you. They ask who broke it? Balram says chote broke it. yashoda says my kanha haven’t damaged it, it became damaged through me accidentally. She says he’s a bit boy and can’t damage it. Balram says Kanha has damaged it. The woman asks why are you taking this on yourself. Yashoda apologizes to them and says don’t blame Kanha, it became my mistake. She says I actually have made all of the pots and could make plenty more.

The woman asks in case your son will love you the identical. Yashoda says all of the children problem their mothers, and says my Kanha too problems me, however that doesn’t suggest that he don’t love me. She says I don’t need to do any preparations of Utsav and asks Rohini to do. She is ready to approximately to look and sees Kanha having the dust. She says you’re once more having dust and says I am preventing with all of them, as they informed me that you may love me or now no longer. She cries and says you may now no longer recognize. He says I recognize it and desires you to recognize it as well. He keeps to devour dust. Yashoda asks him to open his mouth and increases her hand. Kanha opens his mouth, which shocks her.

Precap: Kanha offers darshan to Yashoda and tells that each one the brahmand is in him and tells that her love is advanced than some thing in this international for him.


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