Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Yashoda telling that the residence become lonely and unhappy, now as you’ve got got returned, happiness returned. Rohini hugs Kanha and says I will now no longer pass farfar from you. We will live collectively constantly. Yashoda asks Balram to live together along with her brother constantly. Balram says I will in no way go away him and asks Yashoda to feed him food. Yashoda takes him. Later Balram involves Kanha and closes his eyes and opens it. Kanha asks what happened? Balram says I become unhappy once I couldn’t see you, and that’s why I actually have opened my eyes and noticed you. Kanha additionally closes his eyes after which opens it. Yashoda and Rohini see them showering love on every other. Yashoda asks how a good deal you like him. Kanha laughs.

Kans sees smoke coming from Prapti’s room and is derived there. She asks him to take the prasad. He refuses. Prapti tells that she praying to Asurs in order that he can win and asks him to take the prasad. Kans receives inspired together along with her and eats the prasad. Prapti says you need to win this time and is derived to Asti, asking her to take the prasad. Asti takes it and stunned to look the evil puja taking place there. She asks her to have the prasad. Kans asks Asti to consume it. Kans’ forcefeeds it withinside the mouth. Asti thinks didi can’t understand, and thinks she can be able to encourage her husband to stroll at the proper path.

Yashoda and Rohini are running withinside the kitchen. Yashoda tells Rohini that Kanha will consume kheer for the primary time. Balram says he likes butter, and I like kheer. Yashoda says while he tastes it, it is going to be his favorite. Rohini says we will have a good time and make it memorable.

She says we will name absolutely each person at our residence. Yashoda says yes. Nanda asks what are they doing? Yashoda says Kanha may have kheer and we notion to ask absolutely each person. Rohini says I will invite absolutely each person. Yashoda asks do you now no longer want, us to have a good time. He says Gokul citizens are already involved approximately tax increment and says if we name them for the celebrations? He then laughs and says they may be happy, I will go together with Rohini bhabhi and invite them,

The villagers come there and inform that they may be dissatisfied with Kans growing their tax and asks why he didn’t oppose? Nanda says Kans desires us to inform the whereabouts of Devki’s eighth son and we don’t realize. Even if we had known, then additionally we wouldn’t have given information to Kans, for our selfishness.

They go away. Nanda says they could’t name all people now. Yashoda says Kanha desires to consume kheer with all of the Gokul citizens. Kanha laughs. Nanda asks how are we able to do this? Yashoda says do something they want, and we are able to do what we are able to do. Balram says I am with you. Kanha smiles. Rohini says even I am with you. Nanda is going to Chaupal. Kanha asks Balram to preserve watching.

Nanda reaches Chaupal and sees human beings standing. The woman asks why lets deliver double tax, if Kans couldn’t locate Devki’s eighth son. Other man tells that they shall seek the boy and handover him to Kans, to remove tax. Yashoda comes there and asks can I say something. She makes Kanha take a seat down at the chair and says I don’t realize in which is Devki’s eighth son, in which is he, how he looks, however I realize my son and says Devki’s son should be like my son and he is probably of my Kanha’s age, and asks if they could handover Kanha to Kans, to calm his anger.

She asks if they could deliver their personal toddler to Kans. She asks if they may discriminate most of the children. She says that foxy Kans has taken the choice to growth the tax, then why are you blaming Nanda. She says Nanda constantly notion of your betterment. Balram says they may be now no longer melting even now. Kanha says they may quickly have the alternate of coronary heart and asks him to look. He claps and laughs, bringing smile on absolutely each person’s faces. The woman says you’re proper, we can’t permit Kans take any order and Kanha’s smile stated all.

They inform that all of them are with Nanda. Nanda says my agree with is that we are able to now no longer handover any boy to Kans. Yashoda says all Gokul is prepared to sacrifice for a boy. She says I will feed kheer to my Kanha and desired you all to feed him. She asks are we able to begin Annaprashna for Kanha. The man says complete Gokul will feed him kheer today. Yashoda feeds kheer to Kanha first, accompanied with the aid of using Nanda, Rohini. Yashoda says Kanha likes it. balram makes Kanha have the kheer. Kanha bites his finger. The gokul resident feed him kheer.

Precap: Kanha calls Mahadev and says you’re invited. He walks to him and feature kheer. Kans calls Jatasur and asks him to carry that boy to him. Kanha says new recreation will begin.


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