Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Nanda telling that Kans has expanded tax for all villagers. He says Kans has stated his sister to find that boy, however she turned into located dead. He says Kans were given irritated and threatened to growth the tax, in the event that they don’t discover the boy Yashoda asks how can we understand in which is that boy, and why we are able to inform Kans? She prays to Narayan that Devki’s eighth son will be secure and the sky assertion will be fulfilled. She tells that the couple is probably afraid whoever is having Devki’s eighth son. Rohini says we don’t understand in which is that boy, however my Balram is Vasudev’s son. She says if Kans got here to understand approximately Bal, then…Balram tells Krishn that his Maiyya is involved. Yashoda hugs her and asks her to return back to different room. Balram tells Krishn that he’s involved. Krishn says we want to be cautious approximately some thing goes to manifest and says Kans fear is set to growth, and we will triumph over all troubles with smile.

Rohini says you will be involved too, as though Kans reaches right here, then he’s going to attain kanha additionally. She says if that rakshasi turned into Putna, Kans’ sister, who reached Kanha. Yashoda receives involved. Nanda says no one can inform us, how our Kanha reached that Rakshasi. He says we need to shop each the boys. Rohini says I will take Balram farfar from right here, in order that none of them get in any hassle. Balram hears her, and thinks the way to live farfar from chote. Krishna says I can’t do something now. Balram thinks what to do?

Mahadev is unhappy and tells Devi Parvati that he’s unhappy, as his aaradhya is keeping apart from Balram. He says how he’s going to whole his baal leela with out his elder brother. Parvati says you is aware of him well, he’s going to now no longer do something in opposition to his mother’s will. Krishn thinks to alternate Rohini’s coronary heart. Mahadev says don’t understand how aaradhya will do this?

Rohini asks Balram to assist her. Krishn cries continuously. Balram thinks why chote is crying? Yashoda takes him in her lap and asks what do you need? Balram asks can I pass and notice chote? Rohini doesn’t answer. Nanda comes there and asks what happened? Yashoda says don’t understand. Nanda takes him in his lap. Balram comes there. Krishn says I am now no longer crying for you, however to alternate Rohini Maiyya’s coronary heart. Balram says I will assist you. Rohini says pass and notice Kanha. Balram says we are able to be going, and says neither folks might be right here to make him quiet. He says we will recognise this too. Rohini receives teary eyes too. Yashoda attempts to forestall him from crying. Rohini asks balram to return back. She comes there and asks yashoda why Kanha is crying? Rohini says all Gokul can’t sleep today, listening to him crying and says she can be able to try and make him quiet. She takes him, however he’s nevertheless crying. Rohini asks him to forestall crying and hugs him. Kanha continues quiet. Yashoda is amazed and happy. She says he turned into crying due to the fact that morning, however have become quiet on your lap. Kanha apologizes for troubling them and says I can’t allow Rohini kaki pass. Yashoda says Kanha would possibly have found out that you’re going and need to deliver to you, don’t pass. Kanha performs with Rohini. Balram says her coronary heart is changing. Krishn says recreation isn’t always but completed.

Kans says I want top gamers for the recreation. Akroor comes there. Kans asks are you able to discover a person who can inform approximately Putna’s murderer. He says he desires a person who can take anyone’s avatar, and no one can doubt on him. Akroor asks from in which to get such magical man, however I will try and discover such person. Kans asks him to set up such person, else he’s going to discover every other senapati. Akroor goes. Kans thinks my sister would possibly have regarded approximately this recreation and have to have regarded who has killed my sister Putna. Kanha says she doesn’t understand.

Later withinside the evening, Rohini feeds meals to Balram. Yashoda says you don’t need to go away Kanha, and asks if she took this choice in a hurry, because of worry and asks her to rethink. Rohini doesn’t concentrate to her. Yashoda says I don’t need you to pass, or even Kanha desires this. Balram says even I don’t need to pass, however Maiyya isn’t always agreeing. Nanda asks her to rethink. Rohini says I can’t live right here risking Kanha’s life. Yashoda cries. Rohini additionally receives teary eyes. Yashoda says if Kanha had visible us crying then could have felt bad. Kanha comes there and holds Rohini and yashoda’s hands. Balram says Kanha desires us to live together. Kanha claps and laughs. Rohini says even I don’t need to pass. Krishn says even I need this. Balram says you stated right. Rohini says it’s miles betterment for each the boys, I don’t need any hassle to return back on Kanha. She asks Balram to return back. Balram says this recreation might be our last, as Maiyya will now no longer agree. Kanha says forgive me Dao.

Next morning, yashoda thinks if Kanha has visible them going then could have cried. Rohini and Balram pop out of house. Yashoda hugs Rohini and cries. Balram thinks I don’t need to go away you, do some thing chote. Krishn says we need to comply with Maiyya and shall separate.

Precap: Rohini and Balram leave. Kanha cries. Kans sends a satan to carry that boy. Balram and Kanha need to satisfy every different. Mahadev says he can do something to satisfy their wish. Kanha says I am coming to satisfy you in Mahadev’s temple.


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