Jaggareddy Playing Cricket: Jaggareddy Who Played Cricket.. We Are Ready For The Advance: Sangareddy Congress MLA Jaggareddy made key comments. We will be ready whenever the advance comes. He cheered everyone up by playing cricket. TPCC Working President, MLA East Jaggareddy inaugurated the Rajiv Gandhi 16th Cricket Tournament organized under the auspices of NSUI at Chintal HMT Ground, Kutbullapur Constituency, Medchal Malkazgiri District. Kuthbullapur Congress leader Sontireddy Punnareddy, Kandadi Jyotsna Sivareddy Councillor, Golla John NSUI State General Secretary, Prithvi NSUI Secretary, Ande Lovakumar participated in this program.

On this occasion, Jaggareddy played cricket with the youth. Rajiv Gandhi gave the youth the right to vote at the age of 18. The credit of bringing technology to the country belongs to Rajiv Gandhi..The reason why everyone has mobile phones in their hands today is because of Rajiv Gandhi. By bringing this technology, the youth got employment. It is a pleasure to organize a cricket tournament under the auspices of NSUI in Quthbullapur in the name of such a great leader Rajiv Gandhi. He said that it is very unfortunate that the BJP-TRS governments have failed in serving the public.

Assembly elections are one more year away and Parliament elections are less than one year away. TRS-BJP is playing hide and seek. The central government is playing games with IT and ED raids and the state government is playing games with the police. This is of no use and benefit to the people. The topics are not up for discussion.. Just turn on the TV and this is the news that BJP-TRS wants to fight. He said that it is very unfortunate that the central and state governments have left public sentiments to the winds.

We will say who should leave the Congress party. Changing the party is their personal matter.. but I can say that they will not achieve anything by going to the BJP. The Congress will always be in Telangana state.. there is no doubt about it. The freedom in the Congress party, where one can speak, ask and do anything, is not there in the changing party. There is no loss to the Congress party due to the Congress party joining the BJP.

Jaggareddy said that the Congress party has strong winning candidates in 40 to 50 seats… It has strong leadership. Since there are no leaders in the BJP, Congress will sift the leaders in the party. Congress leaders were taken by TRS till now, and now BJP is taking them. Congress party is an ocean..a drop of water, TRS and a drop of BJP are taking it when they need it. Those who change the party will suffer later.. He said that the Congress party has strong candidates when the early elections are held and when the elections are held, we are ready.


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