Jagadhatri Exclusive: Soft Like Jagaddhatri Or Hard Like Jaja, How Is Ankita In Reality?: I feel very lucky that I started with such a role. I really want the audience to see such a story, to have such a story.

Jagaddhatri or jazz, actress Ankita Mallick is getting more recognition in which look? Ankita, the central character of Zee Bangla’s serial ‘Jagdhatri’, is now making waves in the audience. How is Ankita in reality, soft like Jagaddhatri or defiant right-wing like Jaja? He told TV9 Bangla.

‘Jagadhatri’ leads in TRP after leaving behind the Bagha-Bagha series…

First of all, I feel very good. It has been a few days since ‘Jagadhatri’ is on air. It is a blessing to me that I got this love from the audience. Everyone says it’s a good, tight episode. Who does not like to hear good?

Now most serials are women-centric. Naming is also done with the central character in mind: ‘Pilu’, ‘Mithai’, and in your case also the name ‘Jagadhatri’. But what factor stands out from the rest that you think catches the eye of the audience?

See, every character has their own story. I don’t want to talk about any series. TRP is a measurement – calculation. For me, popularity, and audience love is the real thing at the end of the day. But I want to say one thing. ‘Jagaddhatri’ is very different from the kind of stories or serials that viewers have seen so far. It is quite surprising that an ordinary girl, who is calm at home, is able to fight enemies outside with time. He who cooks in the true sense also ties his hair. Two polar characters. When viewers saw it in the promo, it was hard to believe at first. Jagaddhatri cannot be a harp. But as the pace of the story progresses, this belief slowly starts to creep into the minds of the audience. But in reality, there are many such characters. We may not know that the person next to us is connected to an unknown livelihood. Are agents known in society?

How to start acting?

First coming to modeling, my career started from there. I started auditioning after one year of modeling. After giving several auditions, going to Snehasishda’s (director Snehasish Chakraborty) office. And from there Dada took auditions, conducted workshops… Snehasishda made me wholeheartedly. As a result, I learned everything from my grandfather.

In the case of mega actors, the identity of the character becomes the identity of reality. You have two identities, Jajaz and Jagaddhatri – which call do you hear more of?

juz Everyone calls me by this name in public. Everyone is definitely loving Jagaddhatri. However, the audience has seen a lot of characters like Jagaddhatri. A girl as defiant as Jyaz is rare. Maybe that’s what the audience liked more. A girl who is fighting, a crime branch officer, is quite liked by the audience.

What kind of person is Ankita—Jaja or Jagaddhatri?

I am trying to take the best from both Jyaz and Jagaddhatri. But I protest, not that it is not. If necessary, I slapped. But not as bold as Jazz. But I can stand against injustice. I am not as innocent as Jagaddhatri. I am both. But yes, many times there are many things we can’t even protest, which can hurt. And this is his livelihood.

Was there separate training for the action?

Yes, Jagaddhatri is like an ordinary girl of the house, she does not need special training. But the jazz that is doing the action, that is beating, jumping off the pencil, it takes training. I personally had no such experience. As a result, workshops are conducted, and many pictures are asked to be seen. This process is still ongoing. As long as the series lasts, it will continue.

Changing the content of the series. But the crooked character is still present on the mega screen. Even if you get a call for such a role, what offer to accept?

This is a very important question. I feel very lucky that I started with such a role. I really want the audience to see such a story, to have such a story. At first, I didn’t realize that I could do such a difficult character. You have to make yourself. But as an actor I can do any role, that is natural. I think being the villain in particular is the hardest. We speak sweet words in reality. Tell the truth, the mischief that is shown in the series, are they really done by anyone? I don’t think so. But if I had to answer that, I’d say I probably wouldn’t have started the first act with such a crooked character.


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