It’s Not Shooting Like Usual, Sitting In A Caravan In Blood-Stained Clothes, Says- Physical Trainer On Bhishma Shooting: Mammootty’s personal gym trainer Vipin Xavier talks about Mammootty’s physical training during the shooting of Bhishma Parvam and the effort he put into it.

Xavier says that Mammooka is an innovator every day and that he has been training Mammooka for the past fifteen years and he still feels fresh every day when he visits him.

In an interview with Movieman, Vipin Xavier also said that he was called to the location during the action scenes of Bhishma Parbat.

A fight in Bhishma was shot on MG Road. One day he called me and asked me to come that way. I am going with my daughter. The daughter came to buy Mammooka’s autograph. He is sitting in the caravan when we go.

A robotic fight ensues. I was told that it was a cut, not a shootout like in a regular movie. Usually, we cut ten to thirty people. It is being cut and grazed by Mammooka. Sitting in the caravan wearing that dress.

There are blood stains on the clothes. A new camera is used. Said to be a robotic camera. When I asked if she was fine, Mammooka replied that she was not fine.


The movement of the camera is according to the movement of normal people. That said, this is not the case. Once the position is marked the camera will come first. Even if the person does not come, the camera will be there. We must change accordingly. It is not an easy task. It was all very nicely done by Mammooka. All those videos were hugely viral back then. As such he will compete with the profession, the changing technology and the times. He will pay attention to fitness and sound modulation.

Recently he had to go to a function. The other day I asked, what is the dress for the function tomorrow? The answer was to put something. Right, he just needs to put something. It is a trend. Many colored shirts have been trending recently.

It will not be so beautiful if it is put by an ordinary person. My daughter ordered me a shirt in the same pattern. I’m not worth a penny. It is lying at home. But Mammooka has that aura even if he comes down with a lungi.

Mammooka herself has recently said that some people get tired of going to the gym too much. But I have never seen it in Mammooka. It started in 2007. But there’s still something new about him when he comes to train each day. We get tremendous energy from him. “He has such a studious personality,” said Vipin.


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