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It’s Fake, Ronaldo Never Said That: Elon Musk Should Also Pay Attention To These Things: It’s fake, Ronaldo never said that; Elon Musk should also consider: Host

British journalist and television presenter Piers Mogen recently interviewed Manchester United striker and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to great acclaim.

Seven crore people watched the video of the star’s interview within eight hours of its airing.

But Mogen had earlier tweeted that people are twisting things that Ronaldo did not say during the interview and many things are circulating on social media pretending to have been quoted by the player.

He tweeted that you should only believe what you see in the interview or what he tweets.

But there were some reports that the player mentioned Ronaldo’s former club, Real Madrid, in Mogan’s interview.

According to the report, Ronaldo now regrets leaving Real Madrid and said in an interview that they treated him like a king.

Now Piers Morgan has come up with strong criticism against it. He said that Ronaldo never spoke about such a thing and the news coming out is fake.

Mogen added that Elon Musk should take special care to control fake news on Twitter.

“Parts of the interview with Cristiano Ronaldo were broadcast the other day. We are very happy that we have received audience support in such a short period of time.

But now it has been noticed that some fake news is circulating. Ronaldo’s fake report on the online media site Madrid Zone has received 46,000 likes. Don’t try to fool people by writing down things he didn’t say.

What Ronaldo talked about it in the interview and on my official Twitter account. I hope you will understand the truth of the matter by checking it.

When fake news like this is spread on social media like Twitter, which is used by billions of people, Elon Musk should find a suitable solution,’ said Mogan.


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