CBI files case against two companies for defrauding banks, raids at eight places

IT Raids: Searches At The House Of Minister Mallareddy’s Close Relative, Rs. IT Officials Seized Two Crore Cash: Mallareddy’s residence and colleges are being inspected non-stop. Mainly IT monitors the transactions of educational institutions. Allegations that seats were sold to private individuals in allotment of medical seats.

TRS Minister Malla Reddy’s

Minister Mallareddy’s educational institutions, his family members, and relatives’ houses are being exposed in the IT raids along with new things as well as bundles of currency notes. Officials are seizing key documents. Mallareddy. IT officials are searching the residences of his sons Mahender Reddy, Bhadra Reddy, and son-in-law Rajasekhar Reddy. There were 175 officials in 50 vehicles. They split into 50 teams and started lightning strikes at 50 places. First, searches were conducted at Minister Mallareddy’s residence in Boinpally. After that inspections were carried out at the residences of Mahender Reddy, Bhadra Reddy, and Rajasekhar. Many important documents were seized.

At the house of Minister Mallareddy’s nearest relative Rs.Two crores.

But recently IT officials conducted searches at the house of Minister Mallareddy’s close relative Trishul Reddy in Suchitra this morning. Trishul Reddy’s house Rs. Two crore cash was seized. Trishul Reddy is the director of Narsimha Reddy Engineering College. He is managing that college.

It seems that full-scale checks are going on regarding tax evasion. IT department officials are conducting raids at the house of Kranti Bank Chairman Rajeshwar Rao in Balanagar Raju Colony. Officials found transactions of Mallareddy Engineering College in Kranti Bank.

Medical seats were sold.

There are allegations of selling management quota seats in medical colleges for crores of rupees. Officials are requesting IT calculations regarding them.

Crores of rupees in IT attacks.

Finding crores of rupees in IT attacks is causing a stir. Two crore rupees in cash was seized from the house of Mallareddy’s close relative Trishul. On the other hand, 2 crore 80 thousand rupees were seized from the house of Mallar Reddy’s son Mahender Reddy’s close friend Raghunath Reddy.

Gangula Kamalakar as target.

Earlier, IT and ED conducted simultaneous searches on Minister Gangula Kamalakar’s houses and offices as a target. Also, lightning raids were carried out on the houses and offices of granite traders from various parts of the state. Notices have been issued to 8 companies alleging that they are committing irregularities as part of granite exports. After that they attacked. The attacks that took place immediately after the previous by-elections led to a big debate.

Thalasani Srinivas against Yadav brothers..

Another minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav’s brothers, his PA has been called for questioning by the ED. Chikoti Praveen has issued notices to them regarding the casino case and interrogated them. The ED sought the allegation of money laundering while going to the casino. Also, it seems that many questions have been asked on matters related to cash deposits.

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