It Might Hurt Some People If I Tell Them The Reason We Broke Up – It Doesn’t Do Anyone Much Good To Know: Siddique-Lal is a partnership that has given many hits to Malayalam cinema. Both of them separated after being together for a long time in the film industry. Why did the Siddique-Lal partnership break up is a question asked by the audience then and now.

But both of them were not ready to give an answer to this yet. In an interview given to Manorama News, Siddique and Lal talk about their breakup. Lal’s response to a question about this is that if they tell the reason for their breakup, it will hurt some people.

Even if we say it now, neither we who say it nor the audience who listens to it will benefit anyone. So why say something that is not good for anyone and can sometimes hurt someone. Let it be over there. Isn’t that good? Lalin’s reply was that both of them have benefited from the breakup.

When I work alone I sometimes feel that it would have been good to have him with me. The benefits of working together come to mind. “I felt that some of the films would have been better if they had been together,” Lal added.

Siddique’s answer to the question was that we should think about what happened because of the breakup rather than why the breakup. Why they broke up is irrelevant today. That reason no longer exists today. There is no point in talking about it, said Siddique.

In the interview, the duo also spoke about some of the differences between their personalities. ‘The main difference between us is that if Siddique were to write a story, that would be the only thing in his mind. He took a room in a hotel and wrote the story without going home for three months. I go home everyday in the evening. I want to see the children. But in my mind it felt guilty. He is sitting there and suffering. I will get up in the morning and run from here,’ said Lal.

But Siddique’s reply was that he was very sensitive and if he went home while writing the story, he would lose that connection.

I am a very sensitive person. When I come home, I will forget everything. And it takes me a long time to reach the old stage. So I won’t bring it home. Lal will come like a switch. Will switch off and go (laughs), Siddique said.

But Lal said that even after writing a scene, he has to read it to the people at home immediately and cannot wait.



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