Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with riddhima asking vansh in which became he last night time, he wasn’t in the room. Vansh asks riddhima why did she come after him, what did she see. She says nothing, i swear. He says i will return in an hour, don’t go anywhere. She says if i’m going anywhere, sorry, i used to be joking, i won’t move. He is going. Dadi asks the man to exchange the menu, absolutely everyone is bored having the same thing. Vyom greets her and introduces himself. She asks why didn’t you cross. He says i will pass, absolutely everyone has to go, someone has to head early and a person past due, shall i send you to heaven, then i’m able to settle ratings with vansh. Dadi says you may threaten me, don’t tell whatever to vansh that angers him, you recognize which day is going to come back. He argues. He says you’re scared that i may additionally anger vansh greater, then vansh will burn you as well in that fireplace, you are scared that your secret will pop out, what’s going to vansh do then. He pours water on her.

He says the black stains on your soul, your sins gained’t get washed off, its time that your sin pot breaks off. She is going. Aryan collides with him and says sorry. Vyom stops him. Aryan says i didn’t see. Vyom asks in which have been you, you’re planning to backstab me. Aryan says i don’t intend to double pass you, don’t regard me susceptible, i m additionally a participant of this recreation, whilst there are more tigers in the jungle, then we have to percentage the vicinity. Vyom asks what do you need to mention. Aryan says i also tasted blood, so, take care. Angre says boss, our thailand were given stolen. Vansh asks what, how. Angre says that man or woman has information approximately our place. Vansh asks why didn’t you comprehend it. Angre says sorry, that guy became very smart. Vansh says he’s a coward, just he can do this. Angre says vyom. Vyom comes and greets. He goes. Vansh asks who gave the consignment info, who knew approximately it. Angre says just aryan, you and that i knew about it.

Vansh asks how did aryan get this information. Angre says sorry, i used to be busy in making plans riddhima and your marriage anniversary, i had to take aryan’s help, is anyone among us, who we are not able to perceive. Vansh says i want to talk to aryan. He involves room and calls out riddhima. She comes and asks what took place. He says you should had been here. She says i had gone to washroom. He says i stated one hour, it method one hour. She asks what took place to me, your behavior is getting extraordinary, you are anger, i will provide you with water, have it. He says provide me a kiss. She asks what. He says supply me a kiss. She says it approach this drama changed into for a kiss. He says sure. She says have water first. He refuses. She says i can have it. He throws the glass in anger. She asks did you go mad. He says yes, i have long past mad, how dare that glass touches your lips earlier than me. She says k, first i want to relax, first right is yours, you kiss me, you give me a kiss which is well worth 500 kisses. She closes eyes. Ishq mein marjawan…. Performs… he recollects their moments. He receives close to her to kiss. He lifts her in palms.

She asks what are you doing. He says you won’t stroll right here until the glass receives cleared. She says i m sporting slippers. He says you gained’t placed your feet down. He drops her to the bed. He asks do you want to say some thing. She says no, i…. I’ve to mention, i promised you, i gained’t hide anything, you recognize who is our hotel manager. He asks who. She says vyom. He receives greatly surprised. She says yes. He is going to vyom. Angre additionally comes. Vyom says if i did any mistake, you may fire me. Vansh starts offevolved wondering him. He says vyom, tell me your truth in your very own. Vyom smiles. He removes the cover. Angre says its vyom, i received’t leave him. Vansh stops angre. Angre says he changed into staying here as a secret agent, order me, i will shoot him. Vansh says he is our esteemed visitor, i don’t want any blood shed in my inn. Riddhima comes. Vyom says as predicted, you told it on your husband, you proved you are unswerving in your husband, did you tell the whole thing, you were in my room last night time. Riddhima recalls doing the useful resource to his wound. Vyom says ask her, tell him you had been in my room, how you… angre says close up. Riddhima asks vyom to shut up. She says i can provide an explanation for vansh.

Vansh says no want to say something, i believe you. Vyom jokes. Vansh slaps him. He asks him to get out. Vyom says i m leaving, however no longer out of your lifestyles. He leaves. He sees siya. Siya collides with him and says sorry. He says what turned into that, will you hit me to get my attention, its pathetic. She says pay attention, you had collided with me. He says you would say which you are concerned for me, vansh will become aware of me. She says i don’t care, i think vansh has diagnosed you. He says bye. She stops him. He says you would say you are head over heels in love with me. She says no, i m now not in love with you, i m not vulnerable and stupid, i can show it to you. Riddhima comes to siya. They see some vintage photographs. Riddhima says anybody’s birthday pix are there, vansh’s birthday snap shots aren’t there. Siya says vansh hates his birthday, he didn’t celebrate his birthday considering many years. Riddhima asks what.

Precap: riddhima receives a cake. Vansh asks had been you following me. She says no, i got this cake for you, i’ve baked this in your birthday. He throws the cake. He says i hate my birthdays, riddhima.


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