Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The plot begins when Ahaan asks Kartik and Dadi to go together. Kartik laughed at him about Ishqi. Mayank looked at Sonu. Ishqi asked Maasi to drink juice. Maasi said that I don’t remember what happened. When I got home, your Maasa ji was very angry with me and then I fell. Ishqi said, I don’t remember, I have a meeting today. She got the call. She said she was coming, I don’t want to go. Savitri was sleeping in a certain room. She was locked up. He woke up and yelled for help. He asked someone to open the door. She cried and Duddy lied to Kaldick. Ask where your friend lives. I was thinking about how to get rid of Kartik. The agent showed the flat image to Ishqi. He said, if you give me a deposit, then I will give you the key for the night, the deposit is 500,000 rupees. Ishqi said, I must rent a house, not buy it. He said you can get the deposit back. He said that to reduce the deposit, I will pay the rent on time and I have no money. He said, forget it. What she thinks should be done, I must leave this house. Duddy asked Kartik to stop, my friend was in the hospital. Kartik said, I’ll send you there. She said no and went to the tailor shop to see if the clothes were ready. He said he would go at night. He asked if the clothes were not good, who would change them, would I go there, wear me here, and if there was any problem, Sarla would create a scene. She left. He said that every time I shudder, everyone gets mentally ill. Ishchi said that I really need this house and I do something. He said it wasn’t my house, the main warehouse. Dadi gave the money to the doctor. She asked him to find Savitri. He said, don’t worry, we’ll find her. Ishchi interceded with the agent. He said that if Maasi enters this house, he may die, please help me. Ahane is here, keep looking forward. Ishchi said … Duddy said that if Savitri came to Ahaan then my truth would come out and I would not allow this to happen. The agent said the landlord wouldn’t agree and I’m leaving. It is gone. Ahane asked where Marcy was and she told me what happened. Ishqi lied that the roof fell on Maasi. It was stitched up and now it can’t stay in this house. Now he is looking for another house. He said that the owner of the car is responsible for repairing the damage, sitting in the car, we will go to the hospital. He said Maasi is very good, thank you, but we don’t need anyone’s help. He insisted. They come to the hospital. Dadi saw Ahaan and hid. Ishqi thinks about how Ahaan knew I was having a problem. He asked where Maasi was. She asked him not to worry. He went to see Marcy. Maasi asked if you found the house. Ahane greeted her and asked how she was doing. Maasi said yes, did you call Ahaan? Ahane said no, she should call me. He scolded her. I am sorry. Ahane said Ischchi told me everything, why and how this happened. Marcy asked why. Ahane said it’s okay, you should say it ahead of time. Maasi said everything was fine before. Ishchi said that the roof had collapsed and I told him so. She signed her name on Marcy. Marcy said yes. He asks you where the Maasa Temple is. Maassi said he went to pay the bill. Ahane said yes, I’ll go now, take care, if you need anything let me know. Duddy thinks Ahane shouldn’t see me. She hid in the living room. He saw Savitri hiding there. He said he was looking for you and that you’re gone. Ahane said you didn’t tell me Ishqi said thank you, but I don’t need your help. Said you can let go She said there is no ego. He said that girls cannot solve this problem alone. He said that he had done everything alone, that society should underestimate girls, and that girls can do anything. He said that if a man helped, it would be a good thing. She said if there is no man, then what should a girl do? One must learn to fight and stay strong, we do not need your help and speak. He took her hand and stopped her. Mahiya … touch … Savitri said let me go. Duddy said you have nothing to do with children now. Savitri sprinkled some liquid in her eyes and then used it. Ishqi said, please sympathize with me, I don’t need your help. Ahaan said that when you speak like you’ve never been helped by Maasa ji, it insulted him and Mayank. She said they are not here, I am alone, Mayak never supports me on any issue, no one supports me. He said, but I did. She said, but I won’t marry you. Duddy faced Ah’an. Said Duddy, what are you doing here? Dedi worried.

Precap: Ahaan said if we change the venue, we’ll tell the guests what. Duddy said we’ll have the wedding at the resort. Ishchi was late. Kartik said you helped Ishqi, what does Riya think? Dadi thinks Savitri can’t get to the compound. Savitri saw Sonu and smiled.


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