Ishk Par Zor Nahin

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dadi asking the physician and team of workers to trap savitri and take her, its their last risk these days.

She scolds him for going to inform the truth to ahaan. He asks her not to fear. Ahaan sees ishqi. Sonu asks her to take a seat with ahaan. Ishqi sits away. She thinks he scolded me and now he’s giving me mindset. Ahaan thinks observe her mind-set, no use to fight, i must take a step. Kartik asks her to reserve meals. Ahaan says i additionally got here here for dinner, provide me a menu card. Ishqi gives the menu card.

Ahaan asks will you inform all people that we had a combat, don’t create a scene here. Ishqi asks kartik to reserve for her. He says

Ahaan asks kartik to order diabetic food. Sonu says you’ve got diabetes, ahaan requested to be careful. Ishqi orders meals. Ahaan says just get salad and soup. She asks are we monkeys to eat leaves. She orders goodies additionally. He thinks she will get angry that i don’t permit her devour nicely.

He says get something she stated. She thinks he doesn’t take care of me. Savitri says perhaps dadi has given up, so she known as me domestic. Maasi says why did she call you on my own, i don’t locate her intentions proper. Savitri says i should go and stop this story, then ishqi’s life will come on course, you name her and inform her. Maasi calls ishqi. Ishqi doesn’t solution. Dadi calls savitri and says you didn’t come till now, you could lose the last hazard. Savitri says i m coming. She says i have to go now, name ishqi and tell her.

She leaves. Maasi concerns. Kartik and sonu shaggy dog story on ahaan and ishqi. Savitri comes home and meets dadi. Dadi says you made me wait plenty, are available. Ishqi ignores ahaan. Ahaan thinks fine, even i don’t care. Dadi asks savitri to not get scared and are available. Savitri concerns and asks wherein did everybody move. Dadi says they went out, the selection must be taken between us. Savitri tries to name.

Dadi snatches her smartphone. Kartik gets an concept. He makes the dj invite ahaan and ishqi at the dance ground. Ahaan says i don’t like dancing at a public vicinity, i will go out and wait. Ishqi says yes, i don’t need to dance with him. Ahaan and ishqi dance on ishq wala love….

They argue. Dadi says you desired to come here, do you want to grab ahaan, you defeated death, i can see if you can defeat me. Raj says ishqi’s maasi is looking again and again, i can give her the telephone. Kartik says allow them to stay the instant. Ahaan and ishqi smile seeing every other. All and sundry claps. Raj gets the call once more. Kartik says romantic dance in public. Raj says your maasi is looking time and again. Kartik pushes ishqi toward ahaan. Sonu laughs. Ishqi gets away and calls back maasi. Ahaan thinks what’s her hassle. Ishqi asks is the whole lot pleasant. Maasi says dadi referred to as savitri home, savitri went to satisfy her, are you domestic. Ishqi says no, i came out for dinner.

Maasi says chacha and chachi might be at home. Ishqi hears sonu pronouncing chacha and chachi have gone to her maayka. Ishqi issues. She says i will name you later. Savitri says please go back my phone. Dadi says trust your elders, have the apple, do you need your children or not, why are you scared, what came about. Ishqi calls savitri. Dadi scolds savitri. She says you ruined my residence.

Savitri says sufficient, why are you mendacity, just we each are here, just you and your son veer are responsible for this, you are a cheap girl, you made a mother live away from her children, i remorse to have a relation with you. Ishqi thinks savitri maybe in hazard.

Raj asks did you speak to maasi. She says yes, the entirety is nice. Dadi says your recreation is going to cease now, you and your truth will die collectively, my henchmen will attain right here soon. The physician and staff come there. Savitri cries.

savitri says i gained’t lose this time. Ahaan comes home with ishqi and asks dadi to open the door. Savitri and dadi fight.


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