Ishk Par Zor Nahin

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with ahaan and dadi leaving. Ishqi says ahaan’s anger is ache, i m giving him pain, he doesn’t recognize that dadi kept him faraway from his mum, i need to do that to show dadi’s fact. She cries. Suraj consoles her. He says you’re the arena’s pleasant spouse, the day ahaan learns the truth, he’s going to meet his spouse, he’s going to realize you are so properly. Ishqi says i m feeling terrible for him. Ahaan comes domestic. He gets angry and cries. Dadi says savitri isn’t breaking that clause, suraj ruined ahaan’s existence, i were given heartbroken. She cries. Ishqi appears on. Chacha consoles dadi. Dadi says ahaan is left on my own, savitri is so suggest, what does she want, why is she doing this. Ishqi receives angry. She goes to ahaan and knocks the door. She says i don’t have a proper for your cash and residence, but i have a proper in your sorrow, share your ache, please.

Ahaan opens the door. He cries and says you will be regretting your selection of marrying me. She says no, i remorse your thinking. He says i know you’re regretting it, i thought to give you a whole lot happiness, husband and wife love every other, however i gave you issues and sorrow instead gifts. She asks him not to mention whatever more. He smiles and says i m sorry. She says sorry, you didn’t give me any sorrow, i concept you may damage our marriage. He asks are you mad, i need you, whilst you are with me, everything could be first-class, i will resolve every trouble. He cries. She gets water for him. He says i m wondering a way to return money to savitri, i’m able to’t tolerate everybody forcing me. She says do the work given by means of that organisation. He says i can’t. She says they will win in case you lose courage, do you want them to win, show them that you aren’t the antique ahaan, you don’t want a mum, the day she is familiar with this, she can go away from your lifestyles.

She thinks or you will recognize the reality, you won’t let her go. He asks did you say something. She says no. He says ok, i can do what you’re pronouncing. She smiles. He thanks her. She jokes. Ishqi sleeps. Ahaan looks at her and thinks i had no one to take aid from, thank you ishqi. He gets riya’s message. She asks did dad hassle you a good deal, don’t fear for me, i m ok. He thinks the way to address this guilt, ishqi’s difficulty starts offevolved and ends on me, this guilt is making me cheat you, i m mendacity to you. Its morning, ishqi receives food and feeds ahaan via her palms. Dadi looks on. Ahaan gets a call. The man says there’s a discrepancy, a large amount is transferred, we’ve despatched the file, we want to ensure that your business enterprise isn’t doing some thing illegal. Ahan assessments the document. Chacha asks what passed off. Ahaan says i have no concept about these bills, suraj’s government is saying right. He calls mishra and asks what’s this place, what’s this organization, why are payments made there. Ishqi thinks dadi has to inform ahaan now. Ahaan scolds mishra. Dadi thinks i had saved savitri there.

Ishqi says kartik, i assume accountant is hiding a few fraud, go and tell ahaan to head there and find out, its riya’s dad’s plan, we ought to do enquiry. He asks her to mention. She says every person will assume i m speakme towards riya, dadi nonetheless has a smooth corner for riya, go and help ahaan. Kartik says ahaan, we are able to cross there and find the payment information, we can find the secrets and techniques. Ahaan says yes, mishra is hiding something. Ishqi says you could pass there and discover. Ahaan and kartik leave. Dadi thinks how to forestall ahaan. She acts ill. He says i can go to my room and take rest. Ishqi thinks dadi is gambling a few sport, i will fail her every plan. Ahaan thinks i didn’t recognize approximately the money frequently doing, is mehta doing this, perhaps he is the one, i can’t even blame him, some thing i did with riya. Kartik asks how is riya, she looked sick, her health practitioner wasn’t saying something. He asks ahaan to observe out. Ahaan stops the auto. Kartik asks why does riya call you, are you okay. Ahaan says i m the motive for her stress. Kartik thinks there may be a few hassle.

Dadi calls the health practitioner. She says ahaan shouldn’t recognise this. Ishqi receives a water bucket. She shouts dadi. Dadi drops the cellphone in the water bucket. Ishqi says your phone fell in water. Dadi scolds her. Ishqi says its warm water, your hand will burn. Dadi takes the smartphone. Ishqi says i were given warm water in your foot pain. Dadi asks her to move. Ishqi says i can preserve you busy right here, ahaan will attain there first. Ahaan receives angry and asks what fraud goes on here, call your senior. The medical doctor comes. Ahaan asks what’s happening here, my enterprise account is transferring money in your medical institution each month with out my knowledge, how is this happening. Health practitioner denies. Kartik says allow us to take a look at your money owed. Ahaan shows the papers. He says tell me, else i can call the police. Ishqi says ahaan will feel horrific if i don’t take care of you. Dadi says leave it, allow me go. Ishqi thinks ahaan will understand which you had been paying at the mental asylum.

Precap: Dadi says i need to tell the truth to ahaan, i supply money to this health center for a affected person’s remedy. She calls savitri and says i need to deal with you, you’ll get your kids again, however on one circumstance.


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