Ishk Par Zor Nahin

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with ahaan pronouncing i m no longer the antique ahaan now, no one could make me bend down. Ishqi thinks your mum’s love will make you bend down. Dadi thinks what does savitri need, does she need to snatch ahaan from me, no, i received’t let this show up.

Ahaan says don’t worry dadi, she will be able to’t come back right here, i will continually shield this circle of relatives, i can cross and spot her. Ishqi says no, you’re very angry, you shouldn’t go there, consider dadi, i will come with you, if you need to still go. Kartik says she is right. He says i m going alone. Ishqi says i want to come alongside. Dadi says ishqi is proper, i can include you. Ishqi says you’re already concerned, don’t fear. Chacha says mum is proper, she need to cross.

Ahaan says i m going to reveal them their proper location. Ishqi thins i idea some thing else will happen. Ahaan says don’t fear, i will go on my own.

Dadi says i’m able to display savitri her true vicinity, wait, i’m able to get the bag. Mehta says ahaan’s mom saved him, however she will’t keep him always, i got the background checked, they appearance stable, however don’t worry, i m there to help you. Riya nods. He goes.

Radhika says your dad’s plan has flopped, i concept ahaan will be convinced to marry you, what’s going to you do now, your baby bump can be seen in some time, we ought to pressure ahaan. Ahaan looks for some thing. He asks ishqi to prevent treating him like a baby. Ishqi says i m no longer. He says dadi is coming with me because of you, dadi lost my dad because of that girl. She says take me alongside.

He says i m concerned for dadi. She hugs him and says i m concerned for you.

He says i promise, i received’t do anything there, don’t worry, the entirety could be high-quality. He leaves. She thinks i have to do something else.

Dadi is going to her room. She takes some bottle and continues it inside the purse. She says i’m able to cut her wings, savitri you like to are available front of absolutely everyone, i will now not go away you today. Ahaan and dadi are leaving.

Dadi says i gained’t meet savitri in her residence, she is staying with a few stranger there, ask her to satisfy me outside, that too alone. Ahaan says high-quality, i will message her, i should visit office and take agreement file.

They leave. Ishqi looks on. Sarla talks to her friend. Raj asks why are you stepping into kitty party whilst ahaan’s circle of relatives is struggling. Sarla asks what shall i do, shall i cry, they were given ishqi as bahu, this had to occur, wherein is sonu. He says she went out.

She scolds him. Savitri says i can’t meet them on my own, i will’t show courage, i’m able to’t face dadi. Maasi says cancel this assembly.

Savitri says i’m able to’t tolerate my son’s hatred. Ishqi says no toddler can hate his mom, sonu and ahaan hate those memories, they’re indignant on their destiny. Savitri asks how will i try this by myself. Suraj says you aren’t on my own. Maasi says we are with you.

Ishqi says i received’t permit whatever manifest to you. Suraj says you have confronted that girl, you may’t lose braveness.

Savitri says i know that woman is risky, she can do anything to maintain ahaan away from me. Ishqi says dadi desires to trap you, you’ll meet her and spoil her plan, its my promise, i might be with you. Sonu comes there to meet savitri. Ishqi looks on and hides with maasi.

Savitri smiles and asks sonu to sit down. Sonu says i had to meet you once, i need your answer, why did you come back, you left us, our dadi had raised us, don’t harm ahaan and my dadi. Savitri says i don’t need to harm you all, i like you all. Sonu asks will you supply what i ask. Savitri asks her to ask.

Sonu says then move away from our lives, permit my circle of relatives live in peace. Sonu cries and leaves. Savitri says sonu doesn’t hate me, but dadi snatched my kids from me, i’m able to take them returned from her, i can not let her win. Ishqi smiles. They come to the restaurant. Savitri gets scared. She gains electricity.

She is going to satisfy dadi and ahaan. Ishqi asks her to expose self belief. Savitri orders tea and espresso. She says i nonetheless don’t forget what you want, i didn’t neglect what ahaan likes. Ishqi says wow, what a confidence. Ahaan throws the document and asks what’s this.

Savitri says its the settlement you signed with the aid of your desire. Ahaan says you could’t force me. Ishqi says inform him about the penalty. Savitri says pay the penalty, then do whatever you need. Dadi throws some tablets within the espresso cup.

Ishqi sees this and thinks dadi is trying to give tablets to savitri. Savitri takes the espresso. Ishqi thinks how did the phone hold up, how shall i ask savitri to not drink the coffee. Dadi thinks it is going to be proper now. Savitri receives dizzy. Ishqi concerns.

kartik and sonu conceal. He asks sonu to find out what took place to riya. Sonu asks the physician approximately riya. Ishqi and maasi get savitri to the health facility. Ahaan comes there.


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