Ishk Par Zor Nahin

Ishk Par Zor Nahi 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with kartik and sonu teasing ahaan. Ahaan asks them to go. Dadi comes and says ishqi has to visit her maayka for pagphere. She is going. Kartik and sonu snicker and ask them to spend excellent time. Ishqi shuts the door. She says i can’t believe its in reality taking place. She pinches ahaan and says i was checking if this became real. He asks is this time to pinch, i thought we are able to have that. She asks what. He says not anything. She says ishqi is very risky. He asks shall i take hazard. He holds her and says i received’t allow you to cross. Dadi calls ishqi. Ishqi is going. Riya says ahaan requested me time, i can use this time to break ishqi and ahaan’s relation. Radhika says i get fearful of ishqi. Riya says ahaan’s worry gained’t permit him say the fact to him, he’ll lie, i can use that lie towards him, it’ll damage their relation. Ahaan asks ishqi to maintain her garments inside the cupboard and dressing table. Ishqi says i don’t have something, i simply have a cold cream. She jokes. He says its useless to do some thing for you. She says then don’t do, simply don’t put ac on sixteen. He says i remember, which side of bed will be yours.

She says you decide. She asks can i put my mum’s p. C there. He says sure, placed it right here. She empties one greater area and thinks your and your mum’s percent could be constant here. Maasi asks savitri not to worry, ishqi will handle everything. Savitri says i didn’t see my children getting grown, getting married. Maasi says ishqi will restore everything. Ahaan asks why did you vacate this space. Ishqi says your new members of the family are constructing, you could want that percent. He asks we could go someplace after reception. She thinks honeymoon. He thinks i’m able to inform you the reality there. She says don’t feel responsible, i realize dadi cancelled the honeymoon. Ahaan asks are you dissatisfied. She says yes, i m glad, women don’t have such reasonably-priced mind and wishes like boys. He asks what’s the cheap mind, do you realize what i m thinking. She says yes. He says you realize i will do it. She runs away. They get near kiss. He receives a name. He issues and says we are able to face many losses this manner, okay, excellent. He ends the decision. She asks what happened.

He says nothing, riya’s dad is behaving oversmart, he has sponsored out of assignments, he is influencing his contacts to break me. She says i know you will puncture his plans. He says i should kind out few matters. She says go, work is imp, i ought to cross for pagphere. He says i will drop you, nothing is imp than you. She says its fine, a person is doing this with you due to me. He drops ishqi to maasi’s residence. Savitri sees him and cries. Her hand burns through the new vessel. He turns to look. She says that’s the maid, maybe her hand burnt. He says wait, follow this ointment for your maid’s hand, she will be able to get first-class. He leaves. Savitri cries. Ishqi says ahaan gave this ointment for you, all the wounds will heal with time, we can together defeat anyone, don’t worry, did you communicate to him. Savitri says his call will come each time. Ishqi thinks he can help us. Ahaan comes to office. He sees riya arguing with her dad. She asks him to stop punishing ahaan alone, she is likewise at fault. She acts dizzy. Ahaan says you shouldn’t exert lots. Mehta says its just the start, i will bring you on roads.

Ahaan says move in advance, i won’t forestall you. He thank you riya for taking his facet. Mehta says we can pull you out of all the projects. Ahaan says excellent, i’m able to signal the papers and cross. Riya and mehta smile. Maasi asks ishqi to tell the reality to ahaan, her marriage can destroy. Ishqi says my marriage received’t break, ahaan is ideal at coronary heart because of savitri, even if dadi gave him antique thoughts, even then he fell for me, he doesn’t understand that his mum is in his coronary heart additionally, i will deliver the reality out. Savitri hugs her and smiles. Ishqi and ahaan communicate on call. He says i m busy these days, i gained’t be able to come and pick you.

She says its pleasant, i can come on very own. She ends calls and says he works plenty. Maasi says call savitri as mummy. Ishqi says i’m able to say it after i make ahaan name her mum. Ahaan signs the papers. Ishqi comes domestic. Kartik comes and asks where is ahaan, didn’t he come to pick out you. Ishqi says he is busy in work, i idea to make something for him. He says precise spouse. She says be a terrific devar and reduce the onions. He says inform him that you have become meals. She calls ahaan and says i m getting the food. He says come quickly. Ahaan sees a shadow. He thinks ishqi is coming and pulls riya to him. Ishqi comes there and sees them together.

Precap: savitri asks in which are you. She leaves with a person. The man says i got here early. She asks why. Riya says sorry ishqi.


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