Ishk Par Zor Nahi

Ishk Par Zor Nahi 5 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode starts offevolved with kartik coming to speak to ahaan. He jokes on ahaan for being in the toilet constantly. He says if you don’t love riya, then refuse to her right away. Ahaan comes and asks what. Kartik asks who is within the toilet. Ishqi comes out. Kartik hugs her and asks how are you, in which have been you.

She says bathroom got cleaned. Ahaan drops the espresso and asks her to easy it. He is going. Kartik asks what’s going on. She cleans the ground. Chachi asks sonu to return, sarla is ready. Sonu says i received’t come to be ideal bahu like riya, sarla asks me to end up like riya, is ahaan there. Chachi says no. Kartik says ishqi forgot to grin. Ahaan says she is working inside the hotel via her wish, she has to work. Kartik says she is running right here due to the fact you didn’t allow her work everywhere. Sonu asks is ishqi right here. Kartik says yes, she is running right here, she simply wiped clean ahaan’s rest room. Dadi says make her lose this job. Kartik says notable, better kill her. Ahaan says you forgot what she did with mayank’s family, i didn’t forget it and received’t permit you to forget it, i can spoil her. Ishqi comes and hears this. He stops her and gives the end. She says thank you, however i can’t maintain it, its against motel coverage.

Dadi asks sonu to visit sarla, now not sonu. Ahaan says we will attention on our paintings. Chachi says sure, i don’t suppose ishqi can get her esteem now. Ishqi sees the stage. Riya says ahaan didn’t meet me once. Her mum says he would be busy. Sarla likes the arrangements. Raj says sonu, you may meet ishqi if she comes here, i can handle mum. Sarla likes the ring and compares it with the hoop raj were given. Mehta says i’m hoping you want the arrangements. Kartik jokes. Mehta says if i had any other daughter, i would have got her married to kartik. Kartik says its my bad luck. Riya says i neglected you ahaan. Ahaan says i was busy. Sarla says ishqi had spoiled all capabilities in sonu’s marriage. Mehta asks supervisor to name the group of workers. He thank you the personnel for the preparations. Manager stops ishqi. Mehta says this female planned the unique nighttime. Ishqi says thanks however i’ve work. Mehta broadcasts ahaan and riya’s engagement. Ahaan asks engagement? Riya says marvel. Sarla says ishqi gets horrific omen along with her. Raj asks her to stop it. Mehta asks what does sarla suggest.

Mehta asks dadi to offer the items to the personnel. Kartik takes ahaan apart. He says i wish nobody does the thing which you did with ishqi. Dadi gives the gifts and asks group of workers to go. Ahaan says no, you could also live lower back, my own family is maximum imp, i desired a life partner who offers precedence to my family, there may be simply one such lady, riya, i hate surprises but i need my engagement to occur today. Riya says i don’t need to end up only a wife, but a accomplice. I am hoping to get electricity to make sacrifices for the circle of relatives if needed. All of us claps. Riya’s mum asks where is the hoop. Sarla says i realize, ishqi has stolen it, check her, she is a thief.

Dadi asks for the ring. Ishqi says i don’t recognize. Sarla says this woman is cheap, police had arrested her, you ought to have no longer were given her right here. Mehta says test her proper now. Ahaan says you heard him, test her. Ahaan thinks how long will she stay disappointed, talk up. Ishqi thinks to live silent, she needs the process. Riya exams and says ring isn’t with her. Kartik stops ishqi and says we all have to express regret for insulting her. Sarla scolds ishqi. Raj and sonu guide ishqi. Sonu apologizes. The hoop falls from sarla’s hand. Ahaan receives the hoop. Ishqi says sorry for the hassle because of me. Riya says sorry. Ishqi leaves. Raj asks sarla to test if whatever else is stuck on her clothes. Sonu thinks to help ishqi. Ahaan is going after ishqi. Ishqi cries. Ahaan says you’re geared up for public humiliation and crying, but no longer to inform the fact. Ishqi says my shift is over, i’m able to send some other team of workers for you.

He stops her and says i won’t can help you move with out giving me an answer, you will lose this task additionally, your silence had compelled me to try this, tell me, what’s the reality, why did you break marriage with mayank. She cries. He says truth maybe sour, inform me, i will overlook the whole thing and forgive you, inform me. She says forgiveness is for a mistake, i didn’t do any mistake. He leaves her. Riya appears at them.

Precap: Mayank scolds ishqi and says you can’t tell the fact to every person. He says i can do everything with sonu, but first its your turn. Ahaan come there and beats him. Mayank moves ahaan. Ishqi pushes him and receives hit on her head.


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