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Ishk Par Zor Nahi 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with ahaan saying so much befell, i couldn’t inform ishqi, i couldn’t hold her satisfied. Kartik says i m sure riya has sent this to tell ishqi, its higher that you inform ishqi. Ahaan says you’re proper, i will tell her the whole lot, provide me a while, you don’t inform absolutely everyone, you maintain those reviews with you, i will tell her this night.

Kartik says you didn’t tell this to me, you don’t trust me. Ahaan says its no longer like that. Kartik says you still think i m just a youngster, percentage matters with me, i need that will help you. Ahaan says i promise you, i can let you know the entirety, i m sorry. Kartik hugs him. Ahaan thanks him. Ishqi finishes all of the kitchen work. Dadi seems on. Ishqi says i will go for an interview.

Dadi stops her and says make kada for me. She thinks i can make you omit the interview. Chachi says i’m able to make kada, allow her go. Dadi creates a scene. Ishqi says excellent dadi, i will make the kada first. Dadi says she agreed. Ahaan and savitri speak to the workforce. She unearths ahaan lost.

She asks why are you worried, is the entirety first-class. He says that is office, you’re my client, shall we awareness on paintings, don’t even try to speak about circle of relatives topics. The group of workers leaves. She feels uneasy. She is dizzy. The person asks are you excellent, shall i name ahaan. She says no, he’s already worried, i don’t want him to worry extra. She is going. Ishqi says thank you for taking interview on name.

The man says i understand there would be some imp paintings that you couldn’t come, you’re gifted, you’ll get the process lower back. She talks on the call. Chachi says ishqi is so sensible, she handles the entirety properly, ishqi is the first-class for ahaan. Ishqi says thank you sir, bye. Kartik comes. Chachi asks what befell. Kartik makes an excuse and hides reviews. He goes. Ishqi gets the kada and asks am i able to pass now. Chachi says go, i’m able to manage. Ishqi goes. Chachi says inform me in case you want some thing.

Dadi nods. Radhika says maybe someone else were given the courier and hidden it, you must have sent it to dadi’s name. Riya says right. Kartik says riya is the usage of her being pregnant to split ahaan and ishqi. He goes to washroom. Dadi enters the room. She thinks what changed into kartik hiding from ishqi. His smartphone earrings. He comes to test. She hides. He is going returned to the washroom. She appears round and receives the reviews. She gets bowled over checking it. Ahaan says go and contact savitri. The person says she left, she became feeling dizzy.

Ahaan recollects her phrases. He thinks i’m hoping she is high-quality, don’t call her my mom, if she delays, then it will be a loss for her corporation. Ishqi talks to mitali approximately the job. Dadi comes inside the room and keeps the reviews there. Ishqi thinks i felt that a person turned into here, what’s the envelope doing right here. Ahaan thinks thank god kartik got it, now not ishqi, else she would have broken down. Savitri comes and says i m sorry. Ahaan asks what’s taking place, i want your approval, you disappeared, what’s this behavior, so unprofessional. She faints down. Ahaan receives bowled over and runs to her. He asks her to stand up. Ishqi says sender didn’t write the call. Ahaan calls ishqi. She answers and leaves the reports there. He says i m in my workplace, savitri had come here, she fainted.

She asks what, i m coming. Ahaan lifts savitri and takes her. Ishqi hides and appears on. Ahaan takes savitri inside the automobile. He scolds the manager. Supervisor says she requested me not to inform you, you have been already involved. Ahaan thinks she thought for me in that nation. Ishqi calls him and says you take her home, i will attain there, i m caught in traffic. He says k. She thinks ahaan is taking care of her,

it means he issues for her. Ahaan calls a doctor and asks him to reach at the address, its an emergency. Medical doctor says sorry, i m busy in a own family function. Ahaan asks what do you suggest, its for my mother, no function can’t be imp than all people’s lifestyles, please get there. He leaves. Ishqi smiles. Dadi comes in ishqi’s room. She says ishqi went with out crying, no, she always does a drama.

Ahaan and ishqi get savitri domestic. Physician comes and assessments her. He says its a few side impact of the medicines. Ahaan thinks its the impact of the medicine. Ishqi says she fell sick earlier than additionally via taking these drug treatments. Ahaan asks how do you recognize.

ishqi thinks ahaan is taking care of savitri. Ahaan and ishqi come home. Riya says i m pregnant.


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