Ishk Par Zor Nahi

Ishk Par Zor Nahi 3 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode starts offevolved with savitri walking away and seeing her kids. Ahaan hugs sonu. Savitri says i m going, however i promise i can come back, that day i will bring out dadi’s truth, then my youngsters will hate you. Dadi symptoms her men to trap savitri. Savitri gets abducted. Sonu hears approximately ishqi’s arrest. Ahaan says she were given arrested through her silence, she went with the police herself. Sonu asks why. Sarla stops sonu and says stay far from ishqi. Raj supports sonu. Ishqi gets mayank’s call. Mayank says i m lacking you. She asks how a good deal did you pay that manager and waiter. He says plenty, you need to have agreed to marry me, i have gained. She says i’ve slapped you tough, proper. She scolds him. He says i can see you. She cries. Ahaan sees the ac and asks why are you putting the temp at sixteen, you may fall ill.

He recalls ishqi. Riya says i don’t experience bloodless so soon, i realize you’re dissatisfied, sonu were given married, but not the manner you wanted. Ahaan says mayank wasn’t an excellent fiance, but he changed into involved for ishqi, why did ishqi say that mayank spiked her drink, why might all people try this. She says you’re proper. Mayank calls ahaan and asks him to return. Ahaan says mayank wishes me, i can just come. He goes. Maasi hugs ishqi. She says you broke your relation, why. Mayank says i had surely cherished ishqi, but she broke my heart. Ahaan says nothing will occur to uncle. He thinks i hate myself and hate ishqi. Maasi says mayank is a nice man, he in no way raised hand on you. Ishqi says he didn’t hit me, however he had given me a deep wound, its higher to live unmarried than marrying a incorrect man. Maasi asks whom will you combat alongside. Ishqi says every person who comes in the front of me, you are with me, we are able to begin a new existence. Maasi receives a call and asks how can you are making us out, you took the deposit. Ishqi asks what occurred.

Maasi says the residence proprietor ousted us. Ishqi says i promise to repair everything, don’t cry. Maasi leaves. Ahaan asks the supervisor now not to maintain ishqi at the task. The man has the same opinion. Kartik comes and says you want to smash her, you understand why she did this. Ahaan says she did this for me, mayank and his dad are paying a charge, now she will be able to pay a fee. Kartik says i m now not glad with whatever befell with mayank, however you’re doing incorrect with ishqi, she loves you. Ahaan says love is meaningless when it breaks a own family, hatred is better than that love. Kartik says she already were given punished. Ahaan says her punishment have to be huge, she can suppose many times earlier than ruining a family. Kartik asks are you able to sleep in peace after doing this, you don’t proportion your feelings, you stay in denial. Dadi hurts savitri. She asks how dare you are available in sonu’s marriage, you will be punished.

A man injects drugs to savitri. Dadi says savitri shouldn’t run from here, else i can no longer go away you. Ishqi says i lost my process and residence, it’ll be tough, but i will make the entirety once more, i haven’t any manner to stop mayank. Chachi asks ahaan are you pleasant. Ahaan says ishqi is selfish like mum, she ruined the whole thing for her greed. Chachi says be it coin or reality, it has two facets, try to know the alternative facet. He says i tried lots. She says in case you recognize you’re incorrect, then your heart will never forgive you. He is going. Goon takes savitri inside the automobile. Kartik goes to see. Maasi comes and asks him to return along with her. She thanks him for agreeing to bail ishqi. He says don’t fear, i agree with ishqi. Ishqi comes out of the police station. Maasi says i were given kartik right here on your bail, who arranged the bail. Kartik says ahaan did. Ishqi receives ahaan’s message. Ahaan writes tell me why you did this, i’m able to assist you in case you are right. Ishqi leaves. Dadi asks in which is ahaan. Riya says i don’t realize, he’s concerned on account that ishqi’s arrest, he filed the criticism, but he isn’t satisfied. Dadi says go away ishqi, plan a wonder for ahaan. Ishqi thinks ahaan will recognize me, he’s going to assist me.

Ahaan waits for her at the pool side. Riya arranges a surprise for him. Ishqi is on the way. She meets with an coincidence by using the car in which savitri is taken. Ahaan thinks of her. Its morning, he is nevertheless anticipating her. He thinks you didn’t come ishqi. Dadi asks what, did she die within the coincidence, first-rate. She says savitri snatched my son, i’ve snatched her existence. Ishqi comes there in a wounded kingdom. Dadi sees her and asks her to go away. Ishqi says i need to satisfy ahaan once. Ahaan stops dadi. He says ishqi, you lost the closing chance. Ishqi asks him to listen her once. He says nothing is left. She says you genuinely don’t want to recognize. He says fact is, i hate you ishqi. Riya appears at him. Ahaan warns ishqi. He is going.

Precap: maasi says you really need to come again right here. Ishqi says i got a activity right here. Manager asks ishqi now not to make any mistake. Ishqi works in the hotel. She meets ahaan.


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