Ishk Par Zor Nahin

Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with riya asking ahaan to visit his wife. Ahaan says don’t do this drama, this baby can’t be thoughts. She scolds him. She says just leave, assume you didn’t see me right here, i don’t need you in elevating my child. She is going. Savitri says appearance what mummy ji did with me, my entire life exceeded in the mental asylum, still she wants to kill me, simply to keep her son’s truth, you don’t damage your lifestyles and happiness, if dadi knows which you understand her truth, then she will be able to destroy you. Ishqi says i can deliver her fact out, don’t fear. She asks savitri to take care and consider her. Savitri blesses her. Doctor says dadi is clearly satisfactory. Dadi signs him. He says i mean she will be great. Dadi asks each person to head home, ahaan will live with her. Chachi says i will live here. Dadi says guys have to do this work. Kartik says i’m able to pass. She asks him to go. Kartik says perhaps dadi is acting unwell to wreck ahaan and ishqi’s first night time. Sonu says dadi could have no longer agreed for the marriage, if she had a hassle, you close up up now. Kartik says our dadi is a killer. Ishqi thinks dadi is appearing sick. Ahaan thinks riya is behaving like its my infant, but its now not feasible. Ishqi asks ahaan is dadi pleasant. He says sure, she might be quality, i m really sorry, i understand it was a big night time for us, you know the way imp dadi is for me.

Ishqi says yes, for me also, we are collectively, it doesn’t remember in which we are. They pass. Riya appears on. Dadi sees ahaan and ishqi. Ishqi says i can additionally stay lower back. Dadi asks her to move home. Kartik says i will live. Dadi asks him to head. She says if ahaan doesn’t want to live then… ahaan and ishqi comply with live. Ishqi thinks dadi tried nicely, however couldn’t hold ahaan and me away. Ahaan asks absolutely everyone to move domestic. Kartik says dadi is best. Ahaan says close up. Kartik says you’re heading off alone time with ishqi. Ahaan says you communicate nonsense. Kartik says ishqi need to be disappointed with you. Ahaan says she stated dadi’s health is most imp, you cross now. Kartik says if this is going on, then each night time will skip the equal manner. Ahaan receives coffee for ishqi. They argue. She asks him now not to accurate her. She says this ambience is quality, i love it a lot. He asks what do humans do on such nights. She pulls his cheek and calls him lovely. She says we will promise to constantly be honest. He says i used to be so well deliberate in existence, i was impulsive while it became approximately you. She asks him to constantly follow his coronary heart. He promises. She says i promise i will not allow everybody are available between, i can usually guide you. He asks if i make any mistake. She says then we are able to sort it together, in case you don’t like whatever i do. He says i’m able to try to recognize your factor of view. They smile. Its morning, ahaan and ishqi convey dadi domestic.

Chachi jokes. She says we’ve got some rasams, take rest, then get ready. Ahaan thinks riya is lying, i need to tackle her. He says i have a few paintings. Dadi says he has to work, he has responsibilities. She asks ahaan to go. Ishqi ask why do you look involved. Ahaan says i’m able to come in sometime. Riya says people who say fact, little guilt issues them. Riya sees ahaan coming. She fakes an issue with radhika. She says i love ahaan, this toddler is of ahaan. She sees ahaan on the door. Radhika scolds him. Riya says its not his mistake. Ishqi receives geared up. Sonu says your wedding ceremony night can be this night, i can make you decked up. Ishqi asks is the whole thing excellent between you and raj. Sonu says ideal, something you probably did for me, just a mum can do, sorry. She cries and says after our dad’s demise, mom went with some other man, she never seemed lower back. Ishqi hugs her. Sonu says don’t take mom’s call in front of ahaan and dadi. Ishqi says don’t fear. Sonu thanks her.

Precap: sonu brings ishqi for mu dikhai. Ahaan stumbles. Riya holds him. Dadi asks are you drink. Ahaan falls over ishqi’s shoulders.


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