Is Salman Khan Doing Favor To Katrina Kaif’S Sister Isabelle Kaif Debut Film? Self-Reported Truth

Bollywood’s bold actress Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel Kaif is also going to make her Bollywood debut. She will soon be seen in her first movie ‘Time to dance’. Recently, Isabel was also questioned about Salman Khan in an interview. Isabel was asked if Salman had helped her to make her Bollywood debut? Isabel said that she is entering the industry with the help of her sister Katrina.

In a recently held interview, Isabel was asked, “How did you travel till you get into the film industry?” Isabel laughed at this, saying, “My sister is also responsible for my coming into this industry.” Isabel gave credit to Katrina, saying, “Katrina has done more than one film in Bollywood. She has made a distinct identity in this industry. She also has good relations with people.” Isabel went on to say, “Ask the truth, if I am at this stage today, then Katrina also has a hand behind her.”

 Talk about Katrina too 

Talking about Katrina in the interview, she said, “She (Katrina) is very supportive. She often says work hard and move on. She says that sometimes you find people who don’t like you or You find a deficiency in you. In such a situation, you should focus only on your work by keeping distance from them, because you cannot keep everyone happy. “

Question asked about audition 

When asked about the audition, he said, “I had a desire to get into this industry for a long time but because of school I could not do it. He said that when I first auditioned, the producers liked him and He offered to work in the film. He said that if you work with complete sincerity, one day success will definitely come.


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