Irrfan Khan's actress Saba Qamar announced to break engagement, said- never met Azim Khan

Pakistan’s popular TV actress and Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’, Saba Qamar, who was the co-star of the late Irrfan Khan, has broken off her engagement. He has given this information through his social media account. Earlier there was news that she is going to be tied in a very soon bond.

Saba Qamar has written a long note in her latest Instagram post. Through this, he has informed about the breakdown of the engagement. He is also very happy with the breakdown of this engagement. In the beginning of the note, Smiley has also been added with greetings to the people. He wrote in his note, “Hello everyone, I am going to make a very important announcement. I am breaking engagement with Azim Khan due to a lot of personal reasons.”

Seeks support from people

Saba further wrote, “Now we are not getting married. I hope that you guys will support my decision, as you have always done and I think it is never late if you, if you have time Let the truth be known. I want to make one more thing clear. ”

See here Saba Qamar’s Instagram post-


Did not meet Azim Khan

Saba Qamar further wrote, “I have never met Azim Khan in my life. We have been connected with each other through mobile. It is going to be a very difficult time for me but will also pass. Insha Allah. You Lots of love to all. “


Azim Khan put his side

At the same time, Azim Khan has also reacted to this post of Saba Qamar. He reposted Saba’s post and wrote that Saba has not told the story on his side. Please tell that Azim Khan was accused of sexual harassment. Since which he has been surrounded by controversies. However, Azim described the allegations against him as baseless.



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