Iravatham Movie Review Telugu Trailer | Iravatham Telugu Review | Iravatham Review | Hotstar: Amardeep Chaudhary of ‘Jaanaki Kalaganaule’ fame is the movie ‘Airavatham’. What is special is that Punjabi Bhama, who made her Tollywood debut with this movie, played a dual role with popular model Tanvi Negi. Popular actress Esther Noronha has played a pivotal role in ‘Airavatham’ which is streaming on Disney Plus Hot Star from Thursday.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: Amardeep Chowdary, Tanvi Negi, Ester Noronha,
  • DIRECTOR: Suhaas Meera
  • MUSIC: Satya Kashyap
  • PRODUCER: Balaiah Chowdary

Chegg (Amardeep Chaudhary) falls in love with Shloka (Tanvi Negi) who works in a beauty parlor run by his mother (Jaya Vahini). He slowly tells his mother about their love and wants to get married. Chikku gives Shloka a camera as a gift on her birthday. Shloka takes a video on her birthday and gets shocked when it plays. Another girl who looks like her appears in the video and calls it her ‘death day’ and commits suicide. After telling this to Chikku, they turn to the police. But the police do not take it very seriously. So Chikku and Shloka go to Tarot reader Maya (Esther Noronha). They see through the magic that Princi (Tanvi Negi) seen in the video is a model. But… Maya says that very soon one of Shloka or Princi will surely die. What is Prince’s appearance in Shloka’s original camera? What if one of the two dies? What is the connection between the identical sloka and the prince? What is the reason for future Maya to say about them? The rest of the movie is the answer to these questions.

The movie was named ‘Airavatham’ as the whole story was based on the white camera. Director Suhas Meera tried to tell this story through a child. The entire first half is filled with suspense as to what will happen next. But when it came to the second half, it changed poorly. The thriller genre is somewhat…. It turned into a horror movie. The climax twist is absolutely routine. On a limited budget, Suhas made the film well within his scope but the story could have been made more interesting.

Coming to the actors… TV actor Amardeep Choudhary’s performance is impressive, but in most cases, he seems to be imitating the hero Venkatesh. Although this is the first film for the heroine Tanvi Negi, she fits well in the roles of Shloka and Prince. Especially her dubbing is well set. Esther Noronha, who has acted in some films and web series in recent times as a boyish character, has effectively played a different role in this one. Her screen presence is good. Arun Kumar, Ravindra, Sanjay Nair, Jaya Vahini, Saptagiri, Rudrapatla Venugopal, and others will be seen in other lead roles. While Satya Kashyap provided the tunes for this thriller movie, Karthik Kodakandla composed the background music. Naturally, no one thinks about logic in such psychological horror thriller movies. Viewers don’t agree if they leave the ground. That’s what happened with this movie. Although the beginning was good, the story got lost. The second half put the audience’s patience to the test. But…those who like thriller genres can watch this movie on Disney Plus Hot Star once.

Plus points
Being a thriller genre
Actors acting
background music

Minus points
Uninteresting article
Songs that stand in the way of the story
Poor climax

Rating: 2.25/ 5

Tag line: Psychological Thriller!


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