It seems that the great leg-spinner of the Indian team, Anil Kumble, is seeing himself inside the young leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi. Kings XI Punjab coach Anil Kumble has taken Bishnoi under his belt and is working on his pinch flipper, for which Kumble was famous. Like Kumble, Bishnoi started as a fast bowler, but later he became a leg-spinner. He is traditional and sharp like Kumble, as was Kumble. However, their action is slightly different.

Ravi Bishnoi performed brilliantly in the Under-19 World Cup this year and was the highest wicket-taker in the tournament with 17 wickets. He made his IPL debut and continued to impress everyone with his spin. In the match played against Sunrisers Hyderabad, he dismissed David Warner and Johnny Bairstow in the same over. Both batsmen were surprised by the fast bowling of Bishnoi. Bairstow was caught on the flipper. It was quite different from Kumble though.

Bishnoi, a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, practiced in the academy run by Shahrukh Pathan and Pradyot Singh Rathore. His childhood coach Shah Rukh said, ‘I am very happy with the rise of Ravi. We have worked hard to bring it to this level. I am very happy to see him playing under Kumble’s guidance. Like him, he bowls a little faster. I spoke to Ravi the previous day. Ravi told me that he is learning the pinch flipper. He will not try it now, he will do his regular bowling, will use a slow flipper that dismisses Bairstow. But he feels that he will master it by next season.

Bishnoi’s action is such that if viewed according to the coaching manual, it can be technically called wrong. His body and head are not straight, but he tilts to the left. Kumble’s head was straight. Pathan said, ‘When we brought him a decade ago, he used to bowl fast. My friend Pradyot with whom I run the academy advised Bishnoi to spin the leg as he was short in length and his body was not too fast bowlers.

He said, ‘When he put leg spin, he put fast and flat, but he was getting spin. We told them to keep some air but they could not do it. His head and body fall to the left which gives a good turn to his googly. So we let him bowl with the same bowling. Googly is the most important weapon of Bishnoi. Pathan and Pradyot saw Bishnoi playing with a canvas ball at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Pathan said, ‘We were playing age group group cricket at that time and used to practice on a cement pitch (the basketball court was converted into a pitch). We could not buy nets so we used old sarees. We changed the area of ​​the court to pitch. We were looking for children to practice who could practice with us. When we saw Ravi and his friends, we took them with us.



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