Betting is again flourishing with the IPL. However, action is also on. On Sunday, Rajasthan ATS took a big action and raided several places including Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur for betting. Seven bookies have been caught from Hyderabad, seven from Jaipur. That is, Rajasthan ATS has arrested a total of 14 bookies on Sunday. Though raids were conducted in Delhi too, the accused fled from there. 

Many betting related equipment have also been found in Nagaur, Rajasthan. Those arrested include Ganesh Jalani, Pankaj Sethia and Suresh Chalani from Hyderabad, while Devendra Kothari and Rajendra Shevedkar from Jaipur are the prominent names. Rajendra Shevedkar, a resident of Mumbai, runs an interstate gang. 

17 bookies arrested in Delhi

Earlier on Saturday, during the IPL match between Chennai and Bengaluru, 17 betting betting men were arrested by the team of Narcotics squad and special staff. All these bookies have been arrested from Deoli village. Where these bookies were betting people during the IPL match. They have recovered Rs 81,100 cash, half a dozen walkie talkies, laptops, mobile phones, TVs, Tata Sky, internet routers, playing cards, gambling charts from them.

Apart from this, these bookies running the betting racket were doing this work in a very vicious manner. They had put their men at every street-crossing in the area to avoid the police. Who used to inform them about the police movement through walkie talkie. 

This gang was also activated as soon as the IPL started after the lockdown. Police received information about this racket, after which the team of Narcotics squad and special staff reached Deoli. Where the bookies of different modules were betting on IPL matches. 

The Narcotics squad team and the team of special staff raided at about 9.40 am and arrested 17 bookies.   

Three betting charges arrested in Dehradun 

The Dehradun police on Saturday arrested three accused of IPL betting going on at home in Band Bazar Khudbuda. At the same time, another accused managed to escape. The police has also recovered 25 lakh cash and other betting items from the spot. This sports betting was going on at the house of accused Ajay Jaiswal. Jaiswal has already been jailed for betting and gambling. 

When the police raided, four people were sitting in the house and were betting online. DIG Arun Mohan Joshi said that the accused used to do betting through mobile phones, the police is further working on the betting network.  

Let me tell you, recently, four people were arrested by the STF also in IPL betting. 


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