Delhi Capitals senior off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin believes that winning the ‘Purple’ or ‘Orange Cap’ is meaningless unless the player performs his role properly for the team. The highest run-scorer in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is given the ‘Orange cap’ and the wicket-taker is given the ‘Purple cap’, but Ashwin believes that if the team does not win the match then such reward is useless. Huh.

In response to a question regarding the strike rate of a fan on his YouTube channel, Ashwin said, “Such numbers do not matter.” Purple and orange cap are like dusting in the eyes. It is associated with contributing to the team’s win, playing its role (in victory). “Ashwin’s show named Halo Dubiya is in Tamil with all the titles in English.

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Ashwin then gave an example of how it is necessary to play defensive shots under certain circumstances. Ashwin, while discussing with South Africa national team performance analyst Prasanna Egoram, said, “If you have lost nine wickets and have to score 10 runs, then you can play a defensive shot on the fifth ball of the 19th over. It’s according to the team’s need. ”

Ashwin believes that ‘analysis, criticism and appreciation’ go along and there is no point in mixing them. He said, “Enjoy your game and watch the game.”



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