Chennai Super Kings (CSK, CSK) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 20 runs in the 29th match of the 13th season (IPL2020) of the Indian Premier League. CSK’s team, batting first in this match, scored 167 runs in 6 overs in 20 overs. After that, the Hyderabad team could score 147 runs. This is Chennai’s third win of the season, while the Hyderabad team’s fifth defeat in IPL 2020. CSK captain Dhoni looked very happy after the win and he praised Sam Kurran’s all-round performance. 

Dhoni said after the match, ‘In the end it mattered that you got 2 points, T20 has shown us that some matches do not go in your favor, while some matches play better cricket sometimes without your side. Let’s go. I think today we did a great job and our batting was also very good. The batsmen of the team batted according to the situation, which we needed. The initial 6 overs are very important to defend a target like 160 and the team’s fast bowlers did a great job, After this, the spinners played their role well and we played perfect cricket in this match. It was an average score and I would guess the score after 6 overs. If there is poor fielding, the average score is further reduced for the front team. Much depends on the fast bowlers. I told them to prove themselves on the field and bowl in a good area.

Talking about the fast bowlers and Sam Curran, Dhoni said, ‘There were two types of balls, one was swinging and one was not, some balls were getting bound, while some were not. In such a situation, the bowler needed to bowl on the right line and the fast bowlers did exactly that. We fed more of a spinner, because the performance of Indian batsmen like our team has not been much. Because of this, we sent Sam Curran up the batting, because it would not be right to get Jagdishan to bat at number 6 or 7. Sam Curran is a brilliant player, he plays spinners well, Due to which he could give us 15–45 runs. It is very useful to have a good left arm bowler in the team. You are not able to guess against them whether the ball will go out or inwards. Our death bowling will also get better as the tournament goes forward. We need to pay attention to our performance, our position in the point table will automatically improve. We still have to see that we are making a mistake and after winning, we will not want to hide our shortcomings.

Captain Dhoni got Sam Curran to open in this match, where he played a brilliant innings of 31 runs in 21 balls. While in bowling, Sam took one wicket for 18 runs in 3 overs. 


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