Apple has launched the much awaited iPhone 12 mini on Tuesday. In the US, where its price is only 699 dollars (about 51 thousand rupees), in India, its price has been kept at 69,900 rupees. In fact, Indian customers will have to pay tax of about Rs 21,344.  

Questions have also been raised on social media that why the price of the phone that Apple has launched in the US for $ 699, has been kept in the Indian market for about 70 thousand rupees?  

iPhone 12 Series Four Models

Apple has launched the iPhone 12 series in a virtual event held on Tuesday. Four models – iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have been launched under this series. Apple claims that the iPhone 12 mini is the smallest, thin and light 5G phone in the world. 

In fact, the launch price of the US market has been included in the state tax is not included. Different states of America have different taxes. For example, Florida has a tax of 7 percent, while New York has a tax of about 8 percent. 

Tax will be imposed in this way in India 

So when Apple’s phone comes to India, it will be firstly taxed at 22 percent because it will be imported from America and sold in the Indian market. Apple has an assembly plant in India, but the company has confirmed that the iPhone 12 Mini will be imported.

Firstly, due to being imported, at the rate of 22 per cent, it will be charged customs duty and cess, which will be around Rs 10,682.13. After this, on the cost of this phone on sale in India (fixed cost after adding custom duty), there will be a GST of 18 per cent, which will be Rs 10,662.71. In this way, a total tax of Rs 21,344 will have to be paid to the customers on this phone. 

Can take advantage of cashback 

When a country has to decide the price of its product, then companies like Apple take care of currency fluctuations in addition to the tax there. For example, in the last three months, the price of a dollar has been fluctuating between Rs 75.25 to Rs 73.40. It is just a matter of relief that Apple is also giving some cashback on purchases from its online store, e-commerce site, by taking advantage of which you can reduce the price of this phone. 


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