Intinti Gruhalakshmi

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: Samrat’s Car Breaks Down In Heavy Rain.. Samrat And Tulsi Walk On The Road In The Middle Of The Night In Heavy Rain: Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial latest episode is not telecast today. Re-airs on Monday. Now let’s see Monday, 24 October 2022, episode 771 highlights. Lasya and Bhagya take Nandu and come there when they find out that Parandamayya has written the house in Tulsi’s name. They quarrel with Tulsi. Meanwhile, Samrat also came there, so Samrat’s real work is here. It’s our family thing. It is better if you do not interfere in this. Nandu says to Samrat please go from here. Tulsi stops Samrat as he is about to leave. She asks Samrat who did you come for. Samrat says this is for you. And why are you leaving here without telling me? Tulsi says I will feel if I go like that. Samrat is my friend. Tulsi says in front of everyone that he will come to this house anytime.

Not only that… Tulsi also says Samrat, I am going to Warangal tomorrow for office work. Tulsi says we are going together in the same car. Anasuya and Lasya are shocked by those words. Lasya thinks that Tulsi is so desperate. Do you think no one will support my son? Anasuya speaks towards Nandu saying that I am my son. Anasuya says if you don’t let my son come to this house, I will not stay in this house. Because of this, no one asked your son not to come to this house. Tulsi says he can come to this house anytime.. he can go anytime but.. he can’t interfere in my case.

Parandamayya is very happy to see Tulsi’s confidence. After that, Anasuya thinks about Tulsi. Meanwhile, Parandamayya comes and asks what happened. Anasuya says that she is thinking about Tulsi.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: Parandamayya asked Anasuyana not to hurt Tulsi in this one matter

Parandamayya asks why you don’t understand Tulsi’s pain in this one matter. Everyone is listening to what you say. Parandamayya says why are you not listening to this one thing. Anasuya says are you talking about her too.

After that Tulsi is packing all her clothes. Just then Samrat calls. He calls to say sorry. Because of me, there are fights in your house. He says they are happening because of my coming. This is not because you are coming.. it is what we have every day. Tulsi says.

After that, Samrat discusses with Tulsi about tomorrow’s Warangal tour. After that, he will come with his file. Tulsi says ok with this. After that, it will be dawn. Lasya gets another idea. Nandhu says let’s go to your house immediately.

Nandu asks why he is going there now. I noticed one thing there. She asks if you noticed your mom supporting you. He says yes. That means we have your mother’s support. Lasya says we have to go and turn Attayya towards us.

On the other hand, Anasuya gets very angry when Tulsi gets ready to go to Warangal. On the other hand, Parandamayya comes and says what happened, Samrat has not come yet. This makes Anasuya even angrier. After that both Tulsi and Samrat go to Warangal together.

If you cut it, it will be night. It rains a lot. Both Tulsi and Samrat are coming back from Warangal to Hyderabad by car in the rain. Samrat didn’t know what to do as it was raining so hard that he couldn’t even see the way.

On the other hand, they are tense at home because Tulsi has not arrived yet. Nandu says we are getting tensed but both of us will be happy. After that, the car breaks down and both of them get out of the car together. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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