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Intinti Gruhalakshmi 23 Nov Today Episode: Parandamayya Is Serious About Anasuya, Because Of This Anasuya Is Going To Commit Suicide, Meanwhile Twist: Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial latest episode released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 23 November 2022, Wednesday episode 797. Even if Parandamayya is taken to the garden for a walk, nothing will change. He also sits moodily. Tulsi and Samrat get sad because of this. Samrat Babai tries hard to make Parandamayya smile but Parandamayya doesn’t smile at all. Parandamayya is not your only responsibility. Me too. Samrat says he is like a father to me too. Meanwhile Samrat Babai.. laughs a lot but Parandamayya doesn’t. He is also moody. Parandamayya remains the same no matter what he says.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 23 November 2022 Full Episode

Now lets all laugh. One, two, three.. says Samrat. But.. Parandamayya does not laugh. Only Samrat, Tulsi, and Babai laugh. No matter how much you die, Parandamayya does not change. He stays the same. Not because of me. I cannot deceive my mind. Parandamayya says I will try again sometime. With this, uncle says, let’s go to Padandi. Let’s drink hot coffee on the way. Tulsi says it feels fresh. The bond should be strong. Or should be completely severed? Babai says that the bonds that seem to be absent are like this.

Prem says that you have degraded your dignity by doubting your grandfather.. You have degraded your dignity among all. You have been with your grandfather for 50 years and you are still behaving like this.

You are the same in the case of the mother. You have become the same in the case of your grandfather. Nanami says that I am not willing to stay in this house from now on. After mother’s absence, the light in this house disappeared. Prem says humanity has gone away in this house after the grandfather has gone away. Later both leave the house together.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 23 Nov Today Episode: Prem and Lasya try to stop Shruti from going.

Lasya thinks to stop Prem and Shruti somehow. Prem.. Grandma will correct the mistake. Lasya says you should not leave the house. But… they don’t listen. They leave the house.

Anasuya collapses there. cries Meanwhile, Nandu calls Lasya. He does not stop at all if he tells about the situation at home. Lasya thinks about what to do. Lasya thinks that their father-in-law will set his mind first and then talk to Nandu.

Tulsi seems to have told me about the uncle’s issue. That tulsi is not ordinary, uncle. Lasya teases Tulsi again saying that Nandu is on the phone. Lasya says if you don’t change your mind and agree to bring your uncle, it will be very difficult.

Tulsi makes cashew for Parandamayya when cut. Urgently, Babai says, first offer the offering to your uncle, and then give us the prasadam. He says hurry but our stomachs are burning.

But.. Parandamayya Upma also says no. Tulsi says to make payasam. Samrat says I like it too. Babai also says the same. Prem says I like the same.

Parandamayya is shocked to see Prem and Shruti. Parandamayya immediately gets up and goes to them. Prem says we came to stay with you. sorry, mom Prem says we left that house without telling you first.

Looking at my grandmother, I remember the words that she is my grandfather. Shruti says that’s why we came. So it’s not just this mom. Everything related to mom is yours. Tulsi says asking for permission will be insulting me.

When Prem comes, a smile appears on Parandamayya’s face. Meanwhile, Nandu calls Prem. No, don’t answer the call. Parandamayya says listen to what I said. Parandamayya says don’t tell him this.

If he says that he should not know. Lasya who came there says that he does not know at all. Lasya says uncle if you change your mind and come home, I will not know.

Think of it as your birthday gift to us. Uncle says I came to take you. Meanwhile, jealousy also comes. Parandamayya gets scared seeing him.

Tulsi says we are standing near the door. Come inside. With this, Anasuya goes inside. Anasuya says let’s go to our house. Anasuya says Tulsi. Let go of his hand. Sounds or says.

The quarrel was between you and us. There is no need for other people to provide this. Anasuya says let’s go to our house and talk. Parandamayya is going to be taken away.

Tulsi says to mother-in-law be careful. We have done camphor for 50 years. Come between us. Anasuya says I will come with this.. If you don’t take care of him, I won’t rest.

Anasuya is going to grab Parandamayya and leave. Parandamayya says that I will not come. I won’t go I will not go to that house. Parandamayya tells me that he does not want to go.

No offense to you. Do you just push me like this? What do you want me to do now? Anasuya says they will strangle me to death at the door. Parandamayya says let me live peacefully here.. let me die peacefully.

Anasuya is going to go outside and commit suicide. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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