Intinti Gruhalakshmi

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 18 Nov Today Episode: Anasuya Came To Tulasi’s House And Made A Fuss, Will Parandamayya Have A Heart Attack? Bad News For Tulsi On The Day Of Parandamayya’s Birth: Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial latest episode was released recently. Now let’s see the highlights of today 18 November 2022, Friday episode 793. After all, I am now doing what I love. That’s why I came to celebrate my birthday among them, says Parandamayya. Meanwhile, Samrat Baba says that this is why I have also come. Samrat says Babai you came empty-handed. He says that his hands are empty but his mind is full. After that Parandamayya is made to sit in the pooja for Parandamayya. Then the pooja is performed. Anasuya on the other hand gets very angry. Get serious on Tulsi.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 18 November 2022 Full Episode

Rakshasi is making me cry. Ma Mogudu says that she is trying to create a gap between marriages. My udder will definitely fit. Anasuya gets angry that she will suffer so much. Abhi stops by saying that grandma doesn’t want it. What kind of mother-in-law says this and still provokes Anasuya on Tulsi? You should show anger that Tulsi. Lasya says that she is having a festival by putting fire on him. Abhi says that what Lasya aunty said is true. Abhi says it will be very difficult if we don’t stop grandma and mom urgently. What does my uncle do with Tulsi anyway? Only if you step into the field will Tulsi get blocked. Think for yourself, Attayya says Lasya.

Tulsi is excited to see Samrat. If I get angry, that emperor will not leave me. Anasuya takes Abhi and Lasya and leaves for their house. On the other hand, Parandamayya participates in puja. The pooja was divine. The priest says that you will live a hundred years of life full of compassion and care of the Lord. Parandamayya says that it is enough if I live in peace rather than suffering from chronic diseases. After that everyone takes blessings from him. The priest leaves. Babai says that you should live longer, but your stomach should decrease. Grandpa doesn’t care about such things. Unfortunately, what does grandma do? Divya says she stopped caring about her grandfather’s stomach.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 18 Nov Today Episode: Parandamayya who is serious about Anasuya

After the puja, everyone wants to be entertained. Everyone dances together as a family party. Everyone is happy while having fun.. meanwhile Anasuya.. comes there. Parandamayya is shocked to see Anasuya. Anasuya. Today is my birthday. I came here on my own. Parandamayya says leave here immediately without talking here. But.. Anasuya doesn’t listen. Anasuya says ponies are ponies, I have borne till now. You can’t bear this.

Parandamayya says Tulsi has borne you till now. He says that when Tulsi stepped in as your daughter-in-law, your house started looking like a home. So she came and turned it into a beautiful Vrindavan. Anasuya snaps at Parandamayya saying that it is okay if you are not ashamed. You have always treated me well. After working hard to raise children since childhood, I opened my stomach and gave you food. Anasuya says that I brought up my children in poverty.. Did you give me a handful of money? Did you at least buy gold? Anasuya asks. If I sacrifice my happiness and life for you, what have you given in return?

Anasuya says Normui, do you want me to go out? Do you know what I gave instead? Being silent Parandamayya says doing as you say. Anasuya says will you all destroy my family.. I will destroy this house. Drops all the objects there. Anasuya says come, you can’t see this Tulsi’s face but talk to her from today. Parandamayya collapses saying that I will not come anywhere. Anasuya says stop your dramas and Tulsi gets serious saying Attayya. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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