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Intinti Gruhalakshmi 17 Nov Today Episode: Parandamayya Left Everyone And Went To Tulsi’s House On Her Birthday, Anasuya Came There And Shocked Tulsi: The latest episode of Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial has been released recently. Now let’s see today 17th November 2022, Thursday Episode 792 Highlights. Both Tulsi and Samrat start eating together after the tension subsides. Seeing both of them having fun together, Prem thinks this is what I want. On the other hand, Anasuya tries to talk to Parandamayya. You pushed me away. Anasuya says if you distance me now in anger.. even if you want to talk to me after the anger subsides. I will be there by then or not.. Anasuya says. Mana Nandu wanted to make your birthday celebration grand. I will not ask why. Don’t tell me. But.. he is suffering from it. He moved away in pain. These are the clothes he bought for you. I could not cut the cake. At least he said that he would wear clothes. I gave it on his behalf. He likes you very much. He will be very happy if he wears these clothes. Make him happy at least on your birthday. Please take these. Anasuya says no.

Anasuya says if you don’t take these clothes then you have taken away the right to call him father. So Parandamayya takes those clothes. He says bless him just a minute. Anasuya says come in new clothes.. I will wait. On the other hand, don’t go to Lasya and drink coffee alone.. Anasuya says give it to uncle too. Lasya says uncle will drink coffee from my hand. They drink with this.. why don’t they drink. They also wore the clothes given by Nandu. Anasuya says if you do this, they will do it. Don’t let your uncle’s hand slip from now on. Lasya says take care. Lasya says Uncle Eri.. has not come yet. This will come. Make all the arrangements for the pooja. Anasuya says let’s give aarti to God for starting good days again and start a new life again.

Lasya says ok with this. Call me immediately and tell me this. All this is to my credit. Lasya thinks Nandu will be very happy. Will call immediately. But.. he doesn’t pick up the phone. She wonders if he is still awake.

What are you doing if you lift the call? Nandu thinks when will you come? Somehow I ran away because I could not see my father’s condition. If he wants to change, he has to go there even if it is Tulsi. Nandu thinks that their father should go to Tulsi.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 17 Nov Today Episode: Nandu thought about Tulsi

No matter how much you want to think about Tulsi, you have to think about her. Nandu thinks why am I reacting more about Tulsi? On the other hand, Samrat is still thinking about what happened at the birthday party. Tulsi asks what happened to this.

He says that every time we smile happily, we are getting lucky. When you are in pain, you have to suffer anyway. Also, when you are happy, you should be happy, but what is the point of remembering the pains of the past?

No one lives by touching death. Whatever has to happen will happen anyway.. says Tulsi. Samrat tells Prema to take Gari as an example. I didn’t get married because I didn’t know what kind of problems would arise if I got married. Tulsi says it means to think positively.

Samrat says yes.. did you praise me.. cursed me. Both Tulsi and Prem laugh at this. She says I said something for fun. I got caught up in the words and forgot. Time is running out. Take out the tables and chairs and keep them aside. Tulsi says it’s time Pantulu Garu came.

Is it your grandfather’s birthday? Tulsi says that she is doing this pooja to wish him to be healthy for a hundred years. It is said that he is very worried due to the situation at home. He is suffering more than me. She says to Prem that she is not talking properly even with her grandmother.

Prem says if you told me earlier, I would have brought grandfather too. This is not a feasible task. My caution is mine. My fear is mine. Do you know how big a fight it was because he came home unannounced at night? It should not happen again. Don’t buy problems that don’t exist while praying for good things to happen. Tulsi says that God’s blessings are enough wherever he is.

On the other hand, Parandamayya wears new clothes and comes out. He comes near Pooja. Pooja starts. Anasuya says the whole thing is Samburale today. Meanwhile, Madhavi comes saying, father. Anasuya says I am very happy to have come on my father’s birthday.

Madhavi feeds Parandamayya with laddu and takes his blessings. After that, I will go to Tulsi and when Parandamayya was about to go, everyone left with him saying that we will also come. On the other hand, Tulsi performs the puja.

He says it will be good if he comes for whom you are doing pooja. Tulsi says I am doing this pooja for my uncle but he is not available. Mamma says that no one else has that qualification except you.

Tulsi is shocked to see Parandamayya. Saying uncle, she goes to him and takes his blessings. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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