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Intinti Gruhalakshmi 02 Dec Today Episode: Everyone Is United… Lasya’s Shocked Family Members, Parandamayya Is Happy.. Meanwhile What Is The Twist?: The latest episode of the Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today’s 2nd December 2022, Friday episode 805. Lasya does a little extra after getting up in the morning. She asks if her father-in-law takes tablets. Copper Java Tena. Do you have pain in your legs? He says that there is no need, mom.. All those works are over. Meanwhile, Parandamayya throws Battai down. Uncle says I will take it after seeing it. She says I will remove it. Parandamayya says that is not good. Lasya says that it is good. Lasya understands that everyone has reversed her.

intinti gruhalakshmi 02 december 2022 full episode

Meanwhile, Tulsi calls. Everyone’s eyes light up when Tulsi calls. Anasuya says Tulsi, I am waiting for your call since morning. Tulsi says how is it. It is fine. But it is a bit boring. Parandamayya says that it will be good for us if your father-in-law is dull. After that everyone laughs. I want to see you later. Anasuya says can we come home once. Lasya is shocked to see everyone talking happily. He does not know what to do. Lasya thinks that they are all very happy together.

Honey asks Samrat about Tulsi and why Aunty didn’t come. He says that he did not disturb your exams. Meanwhile, the basil comes. Tulsi says I am worried about you. Tulsi asks if there is any work to be done.

Since the start of our music school, everything has been up and down. It has been a month since you joined the company. You have not even been paid till now. I will give you the same priority as my sister in my life. That’s why Samrat tells you not to put your first salary in the bank like everyone else but give it to Honey.

Honey hands over his first month’s salary. After that, he says what are the plans today. Tulsi says she has got the salary and now she has to look after all the expenses and plans. Does Samrat say are you the general manager?

One day I will be your housewife.. he says. If this is the case.. Be like a normal person for this one day. Tulsi says to do all the work with the money I give. Samrat says the challenge is accepted. Tulsi says ok with this.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 02 Dec Today Episode: Parandamayya’s tears are gone

If you cut it, Nandu will fall in love with Parandamayya. Meanwhile, Ankita and Shruti come there. Shruti and I have prepared a list of items we need for this month. Till now aunty used to take care of all this. Ankita says we are giving it to you now.

As he is about to take it, Lasya comes there. Takes that list. Lasya takes the list and says what will Nandu do? Parandamayya says he will bring the necessary goods. What will he get from this? Is there money? Lasya says Nandu where do you have money.

The situation is not good. No job. No salary. At least this house exists so there is at least some shade to stay in. Lasya insults Nandu by saying, “Oh, Nandu.. What am I saying to you?” Abhi and Prem come there and take that list.

It asks why you took that list. Prem says that if the responsibility of this house is not my father’s or we as his sons should take care of it. Abhi says we will bring those goods. Then Lasya says why didn’t he do that work when Tulsi was there?

This is not to shout that they are not like crows. Prem says no one here believes in your honesty. Lasya says that you also believe or Nandu. What does Nandu say about this? Prem says I understood your intention only when you said in front of my father that you don’t have any income.

Everyone gets annoyed with Lasya. This brought good days to this house. This grandfather won the heart. Randira says come like this. Abhi touches Prem. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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