International Mother Language day: A webinar on the role of translation in the promotion of mother tongue was organized by the Mass Communication Department of Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur in the state.

University Vice Chancellor Prof. Nirmala S. Maurya said that translation has an important role in the preservation of folk literature, folk stories, folk songs. Language has expanded, we have decided from symbolic language to online computer language. He said that India is a multi-lingual country. We all have to come forward to preserve the languages ​​and save the missing languages.

As the chief guest, poet and poet, Professor Anoop Vasistha of Kashi Hindu University, Hindi Department, said that translation is a bigger task than creativity. Along with the knowledge of two languages, attention should also be paid to its culture, nature and tradition. He said that translation is pure knowledge and it requires sensitivity. He said that emotional exchange with each other is the mother tongue. The mother tongue can be expanded only when work on the scheme of translation is done at the ground level.

Distinguished guest noted travel writer Dr. Kayanat Kazi said that translators have a big role in removing language barriers in the spread of knowledge. He said that language is like water, if its flow stops then it will disappear. Discussing the importance of mother tongue, he said that international level companies like Amazon and Flipkart are offering their services in regional languages.


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