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Intellectuals Write Letter To PM: Open Letter Of Telangana Intellectuals To Prime Minister: Heartfelt greetings to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, welcome to Telangana state once again. You used to come to Telangana on many occasions in the past, giving lectures and giving assurances. But none of your promises materialized. On behalf of the people of Telangana, we would like to remind you once again of some important things, hoping that you will announce what actions you have taken on the promises given at least this time.

We have fought for many years for the emergence of the Telangana state. We hope that the dreams of the people here will come true. But eight years have passed since the formation of the Telangana state, and still, the promises of partition have not been fulfilled. There is no movement from the center on the promise of setting up a steel factory in Bayyaram.

Setting up a coach factory in other states instead of setting up a coach factory in Kazipet is proof of the shortsightedness of Telangana. There is no plan to set up a tribal university in Telangana. As per the Partition Act, the central government is responsible for the industrial subsidies due to the state. Completely forgotten. On the one hand, the promises made in the Partition Act have not been fulfilled, on the other hand, in the last 8 years, Telangana has taken many anti-5 decisions. Central Government under your leadership. A terrible injustice has been done to Telangana by canceling the ITIR project which has the potential to provide bright employment to a few lakh Telangana youth. How reasonable is Telangana to show stubbornness by announcing 22 software parks across the country? After you became the prime minister, 157 medical colleges, 16 IIMs, 87 Navodaya schools, 12. ACR, triple ITs were sanctioned by other educational institutions in the country, but not a single educational institution was allotted to Telangana by the Centre.

Sectarianism is rampant in the country. Hatred and intolerance are increasing among people across castes, sects, and races. Attacks on Dalits have increased. Minority communities are now being terrorized. The central government continues to rule in a dictatorial manner by implementing unanimous decisions regarding people’s religious beliefs, food habits, and dress languages. The secular nation dreamed of by the framers of the constitution will turn into a fanatical state. All systems go. The entire country is witnessing the use of the media, central investigative agencies, and eventually the military for political gain.

Due to your economic policies, the country’s economy has reached a state of collapse. Crores of poor and middle-class people lost their jobs and lost their jobs. Your government’s failure to control covid has cost lakhs of lives. In the name of electricity reforms, you have hung a knife on the necks of the farmers and damaged the small and medium-sized industries of agriculture, but you are robbing your corporate friends of lakhs of crores.

On the one hand, crores of Indians are slipping into extreme poverty, while your two friends are becoming the world’s villains. The prices of petrol which are increasing day by day due to the decrease in crude oil prices in the international market and the increased prices of essential commodities are making the lives of farmers, the middle class, and poor people miserable.

In 8 years Telangana state government has taken a lot of steps which have made great progress in the agriculture sector of Telangana state. The farmers of Telangana are suffering severe losses due to the negligent and biased attitude of the central government in buying the grain grown here. Apart from this, your Centre, which is privatizing all the government institutions and writing the future of the weak sections of Badugu, is conspiring to hand over Singareni in Telangana to private powers. If you have any sincerity towards the development of Telangana state and the welfare of the people of Telangana, we request you to resolve the following issues.

We request you to express your clear stand on these during your visit to Telangana.

1. The promises made to Telangana in the Partition Act should be fulfilled immediately.

2. ITIR should be revived or an equivalent scheme should be announced as a package for Telangana.

3. Software technology parks should be allotted to the state. 4. Educational institutions like medical colleges, Navodaya institutes, and IIMs should be allotted to Telangana.
5. Telangana agricultural products should be purchased without any discrimination.
6. 52 biased and discriminatory attitudes towards Telangana state should be abandoned.
7. Let go of the religious trend and continue milk in such a way as to preserve the unity and diversity of the country.
8 Decisions should be taken to strengthen the country’s economy.

With thanks….

1 Prof. Rama Ligeti, Retired Prof. Osmania University
2. Prof. Sheela Prasad, Retired Professor, Hyderabad Central University
3. Prof. Gattu Satyanarayana, Retired Professor, at Osmania University
4. Prof. M. Chenna Basavaiah, Retired Professor, Osmania University
5. Prof. MV Ramanamurthy, Hyderabad Central University
6. Prof. Ghanta Chakrapani, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
7. Professor V. Krishna, Hyderabad Central University 8. Prof. Palasamari Ramulu, Hyderabad Central University
9. Prof. Raghavareddy, Hyderabad Central University
10, Professor T Srinivas, Kakatiya University
11. Prof. Ch. Dinesh, Kakatiya University
12. Professor Surepalli Sujatha, Satavahana University 13. Gogu Shyamala, Dalit Writer
14. Jupaka Subhadra, Dalit writer
15. Dr. Pai Venkateshwarlu, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University.
16, Dr. Parasaramulu, Osmania University
17. Dr. Prem Kumar, Osmania University
18. Prof. M. Ramulu, Osmania University
19. Prof A Shukur Osmania U: Univ
20 Prof. Devdas, Osmania University
21Professor Prakahi, Osmania University
22 Prof. Vaddanam Srinivasa Rao, Dr.BR.Ambedkar Open University
23. Prof. Gunti Ravinder, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
24. Professor V. Ramachandram, DC CDC, Kakatiya University
25. Professor M.E. Swamy, Kakatiya University
26. Professor R. Mallikarjun Reddy, Kakatiya University
27. Professor E. Narayana, Kakatiya University 28. Prof. MD Mustafa, Kakatiya University 29. Prof. S. Jyoti, Kakatiya University
30 Prof. K. David, Kakatiya University
31. Professor T. Srinivasulu, Kakatiya University
32, Dr. M. Rajani, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
33. Professor Pushpa Chakrapani, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
34. Prof. T Srinivas, Kakatiya University
35. Professor Banna Ailaiah: Kakatiya University 36. Professor K. Ailaiah, Kakatiya University 37. Professor P. Amarveni, Kakatiya University
38. Professor C. Venkataiah 39. Professor S.V. Rajasekhar Reddy
40, Dr. T. Shastri, Kakatiya University
41, Dr. K. Sujatha, Kakatiya University
42, Dr. E. Sujatha, Kakatiya University
43. Dr. Pai, Venkaiah, Kakatiya University
44, Dr. D, Ramesh, Kakatiya University
45 Dr. Munjam Srinivas, Kakatiya University
46 Dr. K. Kishore Kumar, Kakatiya University
47. Dr. B. Srikanth, Kakatiya University
48. Dr. P.V. Ramana, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
49. Dr. B. Srinivas, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
50 Dr. Raju, Kakatiya University
51. Dr. K. Mamta, Kakatiya University
52. Dr. Venkateshwarlu, Kakatiya University
53. Dr. Pasunuri Ravinder, Author
54. Skybaba, Poet, Social Activist,
55 d. Paparo, Economist
56. Dr. S. Harinath
57. Anwar, poet 58. Dr. C. Krishna Rao
59. Khaleda Parveen, Social Activist
60 Khaza, Poet
61. Dr. Krishna Reddy, Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University
62 Dr. Krishna Reddy, Dr. BR. Ambedkar Open University
63 Dr. G. Mallareddy, BR. Ambedkar Open University


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