Inspiring Story: A Young Man Is Giving Life To An Endangered Art, Training Girls In Swords And Bows |  Youngster Jayachandran Lends Training To Youth In Karrasamu Kadapa District: It will be beneficial for everyone if the government also takes steps to promote this endangered education. This Karra Samu Vidya is very useful especially for women going home from work at night or for students traveling in buses and for women traveling alone from anywhere.

A style is different if you hold a stick and spin it.. Once upon a time, this was one of the martial arts.. Along with swordsmanship, swordsmanship is also very important. If Karra Samu is done, no matter how many people are around, if that person reaches the path, it is like going into Padma Vyuham. I don’t know where the blow fell, I don’t know where the holes are.

Karrasamu is one of the ancient arts. Karrasamu was traditionally practiced in rural areas. The interest in this art is waning with time… A young man from Kadapa has made a concerted effort to pass on this endangered art to posterity. Samu teaches this stick which is very useful for self-protection. Hailing from Kadapa, Jayachandra studied up to his degree. He mastered Karra Samu with the help of his father. He decided to teach his education to many people. Karra Samulu has been training female students for the past few years. Jayachandra says that he is giving training so that everyone can learn Karra Samu regardless of big or small. He says that everyone should pay attention to this art, which is very useful for self-protection, especially students and females, if they learn this dream, they can save themselves from the brats and from some incidents. This young man says that he can face any number of people with a stick in his hand and spin it. Jayachandra wants the government to give recognition to karrasamu and give a place for karrasamu to train.

Every girl student is very focused on this karra samu. They say that this education is very necessary for every student, especially girls, and in the current situation, such ancient education is very necessary to answer the atrocities on girls and women. Students here say that they can protect themselves and also be physically fit. Even though Karra Samu is an ancient education, it is comparable to physical education like karate, kumfu, and boxing, which are popular now, but learning Karra Samu is very useful in order to deal effectively with the violence against women in the current situation. It will be beneficial for everyone if the government also takes steps to promote this endangered education. This karra samu vidya is very useful especially for women who are going home from work at night or for students traveling in buses and for women who are going anywhere alone. This is not limited to the city of Kadapa and the government should focus on this so that every girl in the state should learn it.

The students say that it will be very useful to take revenge on those who make the girls cry. He said that Karra Samu education is very useful, especially in girls, because it is an ancient education, but it is very popular because it is very useful. Some scenes seen in the movies and some events happening in daily life have contributed to many of the female students that they are doing stick here. The students here say that while protecting themselves, some muster up the strength to fight for their friends as well.

Jayachandra says that he has also taught this education to Disha Police in Kadapa recently. It is said that by giving this training to women policemen, they will also be useful in situations where they have to do self-defense along with physical strength. If not only education like martial arts but also ancient education like Karrasamu is encouraged, some cases like Disha can be eliminated in the future.

We are trying to get all the permissions related to karrasamu training from the government. SAP director Daniel Pradeep said that if there is an affiliation certificate, there will be a chance to participate and get certificates at the state level and national level in the coming period.. We have already sent all the requests related to this to the government. Daniel Pradeep said that especially girls should be encouraged to take interest in this art.


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