The Delhi government, which has been the most talked about education model, will now convey the information of its education related policies, schemes to the people through social media. From the questions of the public, the information of nursery admission will also be found on social media. Education Department of Delhi Government has issued tender for deployment of social media team. Its objective is to make the steps, plans and success stories taken by the Education Department accessible to the people.

Nursery admission process is also being started in Delhi from February 18. According to the tender issued by the government for the social media team, work on it will start by the end of February. After which all the decisions of the government, from policy decision to public complaints and questions will also be answered on social media. According to the government, the objective of the education department to come on social media is to reach out to more people and improve them through their complaints and feedback.

The team
government will also give real time response, many times, many wrong information about the education department is also spread on social media. Nursery admission is also starting, so questions remain in the minds of many people. Apart from this, many policy decisions do not reach the people. Through this social media team, we will convey the right information to the public. Our effort will be to provide real time response to the social media team of the Education Department. There will be increased transparency in the functioning of the Education Department. Success stories emanating from government schools will also be accessed through social media, so that people can be inspired.


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