In the market for 21 years, the dentist Alexandre Morita is the darling among the famous. The success of the professional is also reflected in social networks. On Instagram, he has more than 100k followers.

“It’s been 26 years in Dentistry, 21 of them just practicing”, says the dentist.

Today Morita, in addition to treating patients, teaches more than 350 students in his online course in 26 classes spread across the country.

“I believe that I influence many dentists who can believe in something better, that in our profession you can be successful”, he points out.

Morita has already attended names such as Zoo, Christian Figueiredo, Rodrigão, Adriana Santana, César Filho, Elaine Mickely, Edson, from the duo with Hudson, and several football players. The professional says that his group of famous partners is now over 100.

“My method seeks to be simple and effective. In addition to practicing this, I also teach”, he concludes.




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