Indo Chinese Snacks Recipe: If you eat hot hot pakoras with breakfast or evening tea, then it becomes day. But if you too have been bored eating potato-onion pakoras, then try this Indo Chinese Noodles Pakora Recipe. This kids favorite snack recipe is prepared in a very short time. So let’s know how these special pakoras are made.

Ingredients for making Noodles Dumplings –
2 packets Instant noodles 140 gms –
50 gms chopped onion –
10 gms chopped green chillies –
10 gms chopped coriander leaves –
100 gms boiled potato mashed –
150 gms bread crumbs –
50 gms refined flour
– Salt according to
– Black pepper as per taste – Water as required –
300 ml oil for frying

Easy method of making Noodles Pakora – To make
Noodles Pakora, first of all cook the instant noodles by adding about 300 ml of water to the tastemaker. While cooking, take care that there is no water left in the pan. After this, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool.

Once the noodles are on the room temperature, add onions, green chillies, coriander leaves, potatoes and 50 grams of breadcrumbs to it and mix well and set aside to set for 10 minutes. Make small balls of about 20 grams from the prepared mixture. Mix flour, salt and pepper together and prepare a batter by adding some water.

Dip all the balls lightly in the batter and wrap them with the remaining breadcrumbs. Heat the oil on high flame, put all the pakoras in it and deep fry it. Remove the pakoras from the pan and put them on the butter paper, so that the excess oil comes out. Your instant noodles are ready as dumplings, serve them with hot sauce or sauce.


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