Indices Broke Records For The Week: Record performance in indices led by top two share prices Good progress has been made. Sensex hit 63,500 points and Nifty 18,800 points for the first time in its history. Two happened. International Financial Institutions and Domestic Mutual Funds etc. Regional businessmen were also excited by the competition.

Foreign operators eyed a $4 billion bid in November The enthusiasm also gave the rupee a boost in the exchange market. Eight-Day Continuity Jump Bull Traders Weekend Pro T booking has been launched. 11,403 crore as foreign operators declares strong support Pum held the following week. On one day on Thursday, they sold 9010 crore rupees. Domestic funds bought Rs 3,462 crore, while they bought Rs 4,800 crore. The sale of rice was also not forgotten.

Financial institutions scramble to hold prime shares Meanwhile, the Sensex rose from 62,293 points to the resistance level of 62,800, which was indicated last week. Valuation to enter the 63,300 range in early December with Kartha The all-time record has risen to 63,583. The index ended at 62,868, giving up a bit on the weekend’s gains. Gathering the strength to step to the heights. Sensex has gained 574 points weekly. If we wait this week for the initial high of 62,023, we can move to 63,647 and then to 64,400.

The Nifty index rose 183 points last week. Bulls may be in for a dip from 18,512 at the open to 18,365. The interest shown in fresh buying by R has pushed Nifty through the critical barrier of 18,604. It reached an all-time high of 18,888. In the market closing, the index stood at 18,696.

Support at the 18,500 range as there is room for profit taking again in the higher range. Let’s try to teach. If this move fails, the market will return to its 21-day moving average. The support can be tested at 18,373 points. Although the first resistance may occur at 18,934 points earlier, this is After crossing 19,457 points, the year-end index can be seen.

Tata Steel rose six percent to Rs 112 per share. RIL gained five percent to Rs 2,722. Dr. Reddy’s, Sun Pharma, Airtel, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, HCL Te K, started by Tech Mahindra noticed. SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, HDFC, Maruti, ITC o Hari prices have come down.

Rupee bids comeback ahead of the dollar in the forex market n. The rupee strengthened to 80.97 from 81.62 at the start of the week. Despite the gain, the weekend is at Rs 81.42.

In the global market, crude oil closed at 83 from 74 dollars. It is 80 dollars. Meanwhile, Europe to restrict the sale of Russian crude oil Union movement started. But OPEC hopes that Moscow’s response will not give in to pressure. Nga gave birth. After India and China, Russian oil has been the main export for the past eight months. Doing enough. If Russia is put under pressure, the Asian powers will turn their backs. OPEC is on the verge of getting rich.


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