There is peace after the withdrawal of Indo-Chinese forces from the Pangong Lake area of ​​eastern Ladakh. However, intensive and hi-tech surveillance of this area is being done by India. Army sources gave this information. Sources said that the situation is being monitored with the help of binoculars and night vision devices from high places in the Finger-3 area, where the Indian Army is still stationed. It is possible to monitor the entire area from the high hills of Finger-3. Apart from this, state-of-the-art drones have also been deployed, through which the entire area is being monitored round the clock. The armies of both countries have retreated under the agreement, but the Indian Army is taking precaution in every way.

Spread over a radius of 134 kilometers, the
Indian Army has now come close to the Dhan Singh Thapa post near Finger-3, while the Chinese army has retreated to Finger-8. The entire area from Finger-1 to Finger-8 is 134 kilometers long. The area that has been vacant has also spread over a radius of about one hundred kilometers.

Temporary patrolling on patrol has
been temporarily suspended in this area under the agreement. The Indian Army used to patrol Finger-8 and the Chinese Army until Finger-4. Sources said that it may take a long time for it to begin, as other points of the first confrontation, including Depsang (Depsang), Demchouk, Hot Spring and Gogra, have all the attention. The same emphasis was placed in the previous meeting.

Depsang and Demchouke issue
According to complex sources, the forces at Hot Spring and Gogra have already retreated to a large extent. It is not difficult to restore the pre-May situation there. However, the issues of Depsang and Demchouke are complex. It may take time to resolve them. Sources said that the 11th round of meetings could be held in India-China in the next few days. Or a joint committee formed between the foreign ministries can discuss among themselves.


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