Indian Desi Cow Milk: Know Why Indian Desi Cow Milk Is Slightly Yellow And Why It Is More Nutritious And Cow’s Milk Value: Have you ever thought that the color of milk is usually white? But many of us have a question why the color of cow’s milk is yellow. It’s very.

Most of us like to drink milk. Most of us have the habit of drinking milk in the morning or in the evening. Sleeping with a glass of milk at night has many benefits. If you don’t drink there are many risks. That is why doctors always suggest drinking milk. Milk is said to be a complete food for children. Cow milk is given the highest priority after the mother’s milk. According to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, products like cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter contain high amounts of nutrients, calcium, and protein. Moreover, cow’s milk is rich in many vitamins, including A and D, explained Donald Hensrud, a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic in America. Cow’s milk is a very nutritious food. It is very good for your health. Hensrud explained.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, the diets of adults and young people generally do not provide them with adequate amounts of iron, calcium, vitamins, zinc, and iodine. If they drink cow’s milk they get all those nutrients. But have you ever thought that the color of milk is usually white? But many of us have a question why the color of cow’s milk is yellow. There is a very worthy reason for this. Let us know about this now.

The Cow’s Milk Is Yellow

Because of this, cow’s milk is yellow in color, be it for children or adults, cow’s milk is considered the best food. If you have ever drunk cow’s milk, you will have noticed that the color of cow’s milk is usually somewhat yellow in color. There are a few reasons behind yellowing. In fact, cow’s milk contains calcium as well as protein. The name of this protein is carotene. Due to this, cow’s milk is pale yellow in color.

Protein also causes buffalo milk to turn white. Buffalo milk is thicker and creamier than cow milk. Yogurt, ghee, paneer, and kowa are mostly made from their milk. Buffalo milk is white. A protein called casein is responsible for its whiteness.

Swarna Nadi.

A cow has a vein of gold in its hump. That is why cow’s milk contains gold. A cow gives birth to a calf three days after birth. The same buffalo calf gives birth 30 days after birth. Due to this reason, experts say that drinking cow milk makes us active while drinking buffalo milk makes us lazy. Also, even if left among 500 cattle, the calf of the cow will be the first to reach its mother. Even if the same buffalo calf was left among ten buffaloes, it did not recognize its mother. Based on this we can understand that taking cow’s milk increases intelligence. Cow’s milk is good for diseases

Cow’s milk is used to boost immunity. Milk contains probiotics. With the help of these probiotics, the body’s ability to fight diseases increases. It also reduces the risk of many other types of infections. On the other hand, cow’s milk is very beneficial for those suffering from hair fall. The reason for hair fall is a lack of nutrients like vitamin D and zinc in the body.


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