India Vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli Gets Emotional After Match Winning Knock

India Vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli Gets Emotional After Match Winning Knock: High voltage India vs Pakistan match in World Cup (T-20 World Cup). He pulled the Indian team, who lost consecutive wickets early on. In the last World Cup, he broke the curse of losing in the first match. After playing an innings of 82 runs off just 53 balls, Virat Kohli said that this is the best performance in his T20 career. Virat Kohli’s century innings against Afghanistan also faded before the team won the India-Pak match. King Kohli thanked the fans when he came to receive the man of the match award. Virat’s victory song in the neck of captain Rohit.

Chasing Pakistan’s target of 160 runs, India lost four wickets for just 31 runs. Even the biggest fans could not think that the Rohit brigade will turn around in this match. But Virat, standing at the crease, thought otherwise. At the end of the match, he said, “After ten overs, Hardik and I decide, now it’s time to strike.” But at that time, Shaheen Afridi-Harris Raufra is pouring fire with the ball. King Kohli completely destroyed their bowling poison.

India-Pak needed 48 runs to win the last three overs of the match. At that time, Kohli started the firework of shots in the Melbourne field. Shaheen Afridi came to bowl in the 18th over. Kohli set the tone of the match by hitting three and four. However, India was under a bit of pressure after losing two wickets in the last over. But as Virat put it at the end of the match, “It feels like it was meant to be.” Virat lost his words after playing a breathless inning to win the team. While answering the moderator’s questions, he repeatedly choked his voice.

After winning the match, Virat was asked, is this the best T20 innings of his life? After thinking for a moment, he said, “I played an innings of 82 runs against Australia in the 2016 T20 World Cup. That was the best innings of my T20 career so far. But looking at the importance of today’s match, it seems that this is the best T20 innings of my life.”

Why not be the best innings of life? In the 2021 T20 World Cup, the Indian team had to accept defeat under the leadership of Virat. Batter Virat has been torn apart by repeated questions from critics about his poor form. I had to hear bad things about taking a break from cricket. Finally, King Kohli answered everything after a year. On the pitch where players like Babar Azam, and Rohit Sharma could not do anything, Virat scored runs. He also made his name as the highest run scorer in T20 cricket by playing an impeccable inning. Before Diwali, the light of Virat’s bat lit up the minds of Indian cricket lovers.

At the end of the match, captain Rohit took Virat in his lap and danced. Daraj praised Virat in his voice and said, “Virat has a lot of experience. He knows how to get this match out. As long as Hardik and Virat were at the crease, we knew there could be a match-winning situation.” India started the tournament by defeating Pakistan. The cricket lovers of India are hoping to return home with the cup. The purveyor of that dream, Virat Kohli played the best innings of his T20 life.



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