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India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2022: Here Is The Weather Update: A revenge match for blood loss a year ago. A revenge match for being humiliated by Shaheen Afridi. India captain Rohit Sharma was seen doing a lot of hard work before the match. The whole team is engaged in pursuit. India is ready. But isn’t Varundev planning to pour water on Rohit’s preparation? But the weather in Melbourne in the last few days speaks to that fear. However, Sunday’s weather is promising some relief.

In Melbourne (Melbourne), it is known that the sky is cloudless on Sunday mornings. So was the weather forecast. On Saturday, although it rained in the morning, the sun came out in the afternoon. Two teams also trained. Suryadev was also seen on Sunday morning. But for Australians whose weather reports are being treated as nonsense, the Bureau of Meteorology has forecast rain from Sunday afternoon. Until yesterday the probability was ninety percent, today it has reduced to seventy percent. Some organizations are again claiming that the chance of rain is less. According to locals, MCG will handle some of the problems. The drainage system of the field is so good. But it is difficult to say what will happen if the rain continues.

When it rains, two things can happen. First, over-deduction. Second, the game itself is becoming boring. And neither is good news. The rest of the group matches will become more important if the game ends. India’s group is relatively easy on paper. Among the heavyweights are Pakistan and South Africa. But can Ireland in the group be called wee? The two-time World T20 winner West Indies who sent back to the country? doesn’t go So if Pak matches are canceled, South Africa, and Ireland matches will become more difficult.

India captain Rohit Sharma was visibly devastated by the bad atmosphere in Melbourne. Saying, “Tell us what else we have a hand over the weather?” I think about what is in hand, under control.” Rohit’s pessimism is normal. Shaheen Shah Afridi has a burning desire to be humiliated in the last T20 World Cup. For the past one year, the Indo-Pak cricket war has been gently fueled not by the fires of animosity, but by a thin veneer of harmony. Rizwan (Mohammad Rizwan) hugged Kohli. Shaheen prays for Virat’s comeback. But insults are insults. It can be written without asking, but Virat-Rohit still hasn’t forgotten the pain of losing to Pakistan by ten wickets in the first match of the last Twenty20 World Cup. After which the World Cup was over for India. They met twice in the last Asia Cup, India won once. Shaheen was not in the Asia Cup. Returning to the World Cup. He will try his best to trouble Rohit with a full length on Melbourne’s ‘drop-in’ wicket. Again his ferocious deliveries will come into the chalk, making it more difficult to play if it is cloudy. Without Jasprit Burma, manage ‘Babar-Nama’. Mohammad Shami will be there. The partner may be Arshdeep Singh. But Bumrah is Bumrah. Add to this the stress of nine long years of ICC trophy-lessness. Added to this is the pressure to disprove the slogan ‘India is only a bilateral tiger’. In all types of World Cup (ICC T-20 World Cup), no matter how much India still has a monopoly against Pakistan, this is the first time that Pakistan is ahead on paper, India is behind. It has to be said keeping in mind Suryakumar Yadav’s cosmopolitan form.


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