The United Nations has thanked India for providing 2 lakh doses of the Kovid vaccine. India has provided the Corona vaccine for UN Peacekeepers. The United Nations has praised India, calling it a global leader in the war against Corona. Repeating the statement of UN Secretary General Antonio Gutares, India’s Permanent Secretary at the United Nations TS Thirumurthy said, “India is acting as a global leader in dealing with Corona.” We thank India for strengthening the Kovacs facility and providing the vaccine to the entire world.

Gutarais, India’s Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar is also thanked for providing the Kovid vaccine. According to the figures of the Ministry of External Affairs, India has exported a total of 229.7 lakh covid vaccines worldwide till last week. India started the Kovid vaccine from 16 January. On the very first day, more than 2 million healthworkers were vaccinated in India. Not only this, India has also vaccinated thousands of people who are working for or associated with UN agencies. An app by the central government has also been launched in the name of Kovin. Its purpose is to monitor the entire process of vaccination and data collection.

Kovaxin and Kovishield are currently approved in India. Giving the weekly briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that India is soon going to send vaccines to many countries including Oman, Nicaragua. Not only this, he said that 1 crore doses will be sent from India to Africa soon. In addition, 1 million vaccine doses will be sent to the United Nations health workers. India is one of the countries where the work of Covid Vaccination is going on very fast.


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