Due to the increasing corona cases in the country, India has not stopped the export of Kovid-19 vaccines, but now India can now export anti-corona vaccines to meet domestic requirements in a phased manner. Sources said on Thursday that there may be a delay in the supply of vaccines to other countries, as now exports will take place keeping in mind the domestic requirement. Corona patients have increased rapidly in India during the second wave, which has raised the government’s concern. Let us know that earlier news had claimed that the government will no longer export the Corona vaccine to speed up vaccination in the country. Now the sources have made it clear that the government has not banned the export of vaccine.

Significantly, the country started exporting vaccines on January 16 within five days of the start of vaccination. India’s major vaccine importer is the country under the Kovacs initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Clarifying the government’s decision not to focus on the domestic vaccination program and expanding vaccine exports, an official said on condition of anonymity that phased supplies will be made to other countries in the coming weeks and months. India has so far supplied 6.5 crore vaccines and is at the forefront of this matter. Sources also clarified that the government has not imposed any restriction on vaccine exports.

UN warns of delay in supply of vaccines from India

The United Nations has announced a delay in receiving nine crore doses of supplies from the Indian vaccine manufacturer. This is a major setback to middle-income countries, which may affect vaccination in these countries. Gavi, an organization active in providing the vaccine, said on Thursday that the delay could be due to a spurt in corona cases in India. This will increase the pressure of domestic demand on Serum Institute of India there.

SII is an important vaccine-producing institution under the Kovacs program. Gavi said the move would affect the 40 million doses of Oxford AstraZeneca being made by the Serum Institute, which was to be supplied to Kovacs this month. Also it was expected to get 50 million vaccines next month. Gavi said that it has informed the countries receiving supplies. Gavi said the institute has been approached to supply vaccines to 64 countries and the UN-supported program has informed all affected countries about the possible delay.


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