India became the first country to apply 5 million corona vaccine fastest, 24 hours in US

New Delhi : India has become the first country in the world to put 5 million corona vaccines fastest. India has become the first country in the world where more than 5 million people have been vaccinated with Corona in just 21 days. In the US, 5 million people have been given the vaccine in 24 days, while in Britain, 43 and in Israel, 45 days.

Countrywide Kovid-19 vaccination campaign is going on successfully from January 16 in the country. By the evening of the 21st day of the vaccination campaign, about 53 lakh beneficiaries have been given vaccine doses. By 6 pm on the 21st day, 3.31 lakh health workers were vaccinated.

27 people hospitalized after getting vaccinated,
Health Ministry said, after vaccination of Corona, so far a total of 27 people have been required to be hospitalized. On the 21st day there is no need to hospitalize any person. So far 22 people have died out of 27. However, none of these deaths are formally related to Kovid-19 vaccination.

From March onwards, people over
50 years old will get vaccinated Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan told in Lok Sabha that the process of vaccinating people above 50 years of age can be started from the second or third week of March. The minister also informed that work on seven vaccines is going on in the country. Three of these vaccines are in the third phase of the clinical trial. While two vaccines are in the first and second phase of the trial and two vaccines are in the pre-clinical stage.

Under the Corona vaccination campaign, the target of vaccination of one crore health workers has been set in the first phase. After this, two crore workers (frontline workers) working on the front front will be vaccinated. The cost for vaccination of these three crore health workers and frontline personnel is about 480 crores.


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