Taking advantage of the lockdown in Tamil Nadu, 22 girls from Jharkhand were forcibly stitched and harvested. He wanted to return to his home state of Jharkhand for six months, but the management of Unisource Trend India Company based in Kanyakumari kept listening to him. Got him overtime. Even girls could hardly talk to their parents. 

When there was no personal success, the girls’ parents approached Labor Minister Satyanand Bhokta. On the orders of the Minister, the State Migrant Workers Control Room Ranchi approached the concerned company with the help of local NGOs and got the successful return of all the girls. These girls reached Ranchi on Sunday morning via Delhi.

In-charge of the State Migrant Control Room, Johnson Topno said that one of the 22 girls stopped from work in Delhi, the remaining 21 girls reached the Ranchi by Rajdhani Express on Sunday morning. He said that so far more than nine lakh migrants have returned to Jharkhand. The process of those who wish to return is still going on. According to Topno, on the orders of the Minister of Labor, the girls from the five districts of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Gumla, Simdega, Latehar, under the leadership of the Control Room Ranchi, have been made safe. These girls were doing stitch-cutting work at Unisource Trade India in Vanjipalayam, Mangalam, Avinasi, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu in Kanyakumari. 

Such was the journey: He was not allowed to come to Jharkhand during the entire lockdown and despite being ill, he was being employed. The girls coordinated with the officials of the labor planning and training department and Jharkhand Overseas Control Room Ranchi with the company and voluntary organizations of other states. Institutions arranged tickets, food and pocket expenses for them. Arranged food, fruits, water etc. at boarding stations. The girls were brought from Tirupur to Chennai, Chennai to Delhi and Delhi to Ranchi via train in coordination with NGOs of various states. A bus was arranged for these girls from Ranchi for their districts. The girls thanked the Jharkhand government at Ranchi station. He said that he is very happy to return to Jharkhand. 

Trapped migrants contact these numbers:  0651-2490055, 0651-2490058, 0651-2490083, 0651-2490092, 0651-2490104, 0651-2490125, 0651-2490127, 0651-2490128, 0651-2490037, 0651-2490052  

WhatsApp Number:   9470132591, 9431336427, 9431336398, 9431336472, 9431336432


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