The threat of Bhojupari song is also heard in Bihar assembly elections. The answer of the question of ‘Opposition in Bihar’ has been given in Bharatiya Janata Party Bhojpuri by ‘E Ba in Bihar’. A video has been prepared in Bhojpuri on the work done by the NDA government, in which it says – Badal Bihar is under NDA rule.

Through the video, the party has told what the NDA government has done in Bihar. Two and a half dozen videos have been made for this. On Tuesday, the video was launched simultaneously on social sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp group. In fact, in the past, the opposition party had put up a poster at various square-intersections of the city. Only one sentence was written in it, ‘Ka Ba in Bihar’. The poster also had some photographs of the government in the dock. After the same poster, the BJP decided to answer it. The Bihar BJP had been working on this for several days to make the video. Now the video is ready.

Ruk, Batav Tani Ka Ba is one of the many videos released by the BJP, starting with Ka Ba in Bihar. After this a voice comes ‘Ruk bataav tani ka ba’. Then a singer starts with song and music about what work has been done in Bihar. The singer debuts the song with ‘NDA’s Raj Mein Badal Apan e Bihar Ho’. After this, the singer has told the works in the field of IIT, school-college, road, electricity, water and infrastructure. Good roads, free medicines are available in hospitals, rule of law, peace and tranquility, along with the work done in education, the plush buildings of Biharis are also mentioned in the video.

Will reply to the opposition: BJP
state convenor of BJP IT cell Manan Krishna says that a video is the biggest. It is about three to four minutes. The remaining two dozen videos have been produced. It has been kept for one and a half minutes. This video has been prepared to answer the opposition in the election. There is a preparation to take it to every mango-o-khas The opposition has asked about Through the video, the BJP will respond to the opposition in the form of an e-book and on the other hand it will alert the common people what the NDA government has done in Bihar.

The video will be on digital platform
According to Bihar BJP leaders, the party has more than 1 lakh WhatsApp groups. The party’s official Facebook has over 4 lakh people and more than 1.79 lakh people on Twitter. Bihar BJP has 72 thousand 723 booths, 9547 power centers, 1100 mandal level units and 45 district organizations. This video will be sent to all the social accounts of the party, mobile of all the leaders from the state to the lower level, so that more and more people can see and hear it.

Neha Rathod’s song ‘Bihar Mein Ka Ba’ is also viral.
First actor Manoj Bajpayee made a rap song based video of ‘Bombay Me Ka Ba’. This song, composed in the Corona period, has been seen and heard by more than 1 million people so far. On the lines of this, Bihar singer Neha Singh Rathore has prepared a rap song, in which the arrangements here have been taunted as Ka Ba in Bihar. Neha has kept a track on the past 30 years in her songs. This video of Neha has been watched by over six lakh people on YouTube so far. On the lines of this video, the opposition had asked the government to put up a poster saying that the ba in Bihar is being answered by the BJP as e ba.


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