In Pakistan, now the rape victim will have to pay a fixed fee for medical examination, while the local people will also have to pay some fee for the post mortem of the common corpse. According to a report in The Express Tribune, the forensic department of Khyber Medical College University has now proposed a fee of Rs 25,000 for the medical examination of the rape victim in Pakistan, and Rs 5000 for the post mortem of the common bodies. .

The decision was taken at a meeting organized by the management committee on 14 February, in which 17 such new charges were approved. After this decision, it is being said that the police department already has a limited investigation budget, in such a situation, the introduction of such high charges will not only provide post mortem to the families victimized by the local police stations, but also DNA test and rape victims. In the case of, the possibility of being forced to pay the fee for a medical test will increase.

Tamur Kamal, a rights activist, told The Express Tribune, “When you go to a police station, they often ask you to pay the diesel of police vehicles. Now they ask the general public for autopsy and even That the rape victims will also be asked to pay the medical test fees, so that is not a welcome decision at all. ” ,

According to the proposed plan, a fee of Rs 1,500 has also been fixed for 24 hours for keeping the bodies in cold storage. At the same time, for DNA testing, an amount of Rs 18,000 has been fixed for DNA.

An official of the department told The Express Tribune, “A fee of Rs 3,000 is required to be paid for the investigation of drug addiction, and Rs 2,000 for urine test and alcohol analysis. Also, the poison address 4,000 is set for the test to be applied.

Unclaimed dead bodies are sent by the local police to Khyber Medical College University for cold storage, where they are kept for sometimes months until they are identified.


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